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All 8 Proposed Staduims Design For The 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Here’s a brief overview of the eight stadiums that will host Qatar 2022, starting with Al-Khalifa International, the only one not to have been built from scratch.The Committee for Delivery and Legacy – the body responsible for managing the Qatar World Cup projects – chose, together with FIFA, eight stadiums to host the World Cup Qatar 2022…….

Qatar unveils spectacular design for Lusail Stadium

With its golden bowl structure and apertures shaped like “fanar” lanterns, the stadium celebrates the Middle East’s ancient tradition of craftsmanship. Lusail Stadium will welcome up to 80,000 fans and has been proposed by the organisers as the venue for the opening and final matches of the tournament taking place in four years’ time

Sports as an art

as culture is diversity and always increasing, it is amazingly great to see many art of cultures becoming sports and the other sporting activities are also becoming part of our cultures.