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How to get images for free public domain and CCO-Lincensed pictures to use for website blogs and other commercial purposes without any©royalty issues

14. Skitterphoto: A beautifully curated collection of CC0 Licensed images. The site features works of theirs own photographers so you will find less used and unique photographs. 15. StockSnap is a curation of beautiful free stock photos where hundreds of images are added weekly. 16. Barn Images: Barn Images […]

The power of wearing Rings

The Akan kings usually wear rings. Rings that are typically made with golds and diamonds. And most of their rings are symbols. Examples: frog, crocodile, porcupines, Starbursts, adinkra symbols etc. Most and the larger population of the Akan tribes are usually can be found in Ghana. It’s the Akans seat. […]

The power of wearing Rings

Though it is the final here, but not the exact final accounts about the whole topic of the power of wearing rings. There’re a lot that can’t be mentioning now! This time, on the rings of the Catholic Popes, bishops and other religions, including the authority of offices. All these […]

All 8 Proposed Staduims Design For The 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Here’s a brief overview of the eight stadiums that will host Qatar 2022, starting with Al-Khalifa International, the only one not to have been built from scratch.The Committee for Delivery and Legacy – the body responsible for managing the Qatar World Cup projects – chose, together with FIFA, eight stadiums to host the World Cup Qatar 2022…….

Worshipping of death

Religion is recently increasing. Day in and day out; there are new faiths or new religions introducing; and all these coming religions are haven their own followers . How they […]


They say that trends are circular and what’s old becomes new again. This is true for fashion, music, and art. In the case of architecture, there’s no architectural style that exemplifies this principle better than Brutalism. From the mid-20th century, this style rose in popularity before reaching its peak in the mid-1970s, when it came crashing down as a model of bad taste. But that’s all changing now, with a renewed interest and appreciation for this once derided architectural style.