Caroline Flack’s Mum and sister has now revealed that the late star had long history of mental health struggles

Love Island pays tribute to Caroline Flack. And her mother and sister recently reveal late star had long history of mental health struggles,

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Family members of Love Island presenter feature in new ITV documentary about her life and death Caroline Flack’s mother Christine and twin sister Jody will discuss the late star’s history of mental health struggles in a new documentary.

The ITV programme, Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death, sees the former Love Island presenter’s friends and family pay tribute to her and talk about the events that led to her taking her own life in February last year.

Caroline Flack faced a long time mental challenge. According to her Mama and twin sister

Flack died by suicide just weeks before she was due to face trial over allegations that she had assaulted her boyfriend Lewis Burton at her flat, which she denied.

In the documentary, Jody talks about how Caroline “found heartbreak impossible” and recalls how her sister fell into a deep depression after a relationship with one of her first boyfriends broke down.

“She really struggled emotionally,” says Jody. “That pattern carried on forever.” She adds: “It feels so weird talking about it because I know it’s something she didn’t want anyone to know about.

After each serious boyfriend she sort of took a lot of tablets, drank a lot and ended up in an A&E situation a lot of times.

She really didn’t think she could cope with that feeling. I guess it was her trying to control it. ”


Jody also says Caroline “was fascinated by the subject of suicide and I knew that about her so it was a worry for a long time”. She says: “I’d prepared myself for it to happen.”

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