DFKORG Radio Art and Culture today 8am “There’s no Holiday’s in Paradise”

As it is in every Sunday at 8 am live on DFKORG Radio on all your popular podcasts. Your host ‘PKMB’ is having a wonderful story/poetry to share with you; which is a fantastic story/poetry which he named “There’s no Holidays in Paradise”.


This story is about a man, called Mmbonko Musunnboto and he was once a king, but he ruled his people with rod, and never cares about anyone except himself.

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Due to his selfish interest he failed to listening to anyone who tried to adviced him. He put fears in his people and made himself like a certain God.

But at long last this king ‘Mmbonko Musunnboto’ escaped from his own kingdom because of his wickidness and inhuman towards his people.

He run and left his family behind, here’s he, now a homeless man in a foreign land and kept on hidden away from people through fears.

Now the ‘Lion’ of the Republic of Coconut Plantation afraid of death.


The one that claimed to be the Coconut himself but avoid his people of the sweetest Coconut water and only gave them the salty, now lamenting about his family.

What’s going to happening next?

This story was formed by PKMB within just five minutes when heard about what’s currently going on in Senegal during a debate among some friends and they asked about his opinion on the issue.

Listening to DFKORG Radio today at 8am and see how the end is going to be. First 20 people to leave a voice message on Anchor and messages on other platforms like Spotify etc.


will get the opportunity to have the full audio for free!

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