Katie Price Posts difficult times when Carl asks her five son, Jett if he wants them to marry and he refused

Katie Price posts awkward moment Carl asks her son Jett, five, if he wants them to marry and he says no became Saad and difficult to both.


Katie Price has shared the awkward moment her boyfriend Carl Woods asked her youngest son Jett if he wants them to tie the knot.

Katie aand Carl

The 42 year old, whose fans recently called Junior and Princess “mirrors” of her and Peter Andre in a clip, took to her YouTube channel to share a new vlog.

As Katie and her kids enjoyed a lovely lockdown birthday party for former Love Islander Carl on his 32nd birthday, Jett explained how lovely it would be to have pizza in a nicely decorated garden for a wedding.


Reality TV star Katie had gone all out for her beau’s special day, arranging the backyard with black and gold balloons and massive light up letters to spell out his name. She also ordered a three-tired cake for him.

Clearly wondering if that was the youngster’s way of giving a subtle hint, Carl then asked: “What are you saying, you want us to have a wedding?”

Katie Price and her boyfriend Carl

before pointing at himself and girlfriend Katie. Mulling the thought over in his head for a moment, Jett then replied: “No,” as Carl said: “Putting you on the spot now.” Mum-of-five Katie, who recently had a visit by the police after being accused of breaking lockdown rules again, couldn’t help but find the scene adorable as she said: “You’re so cute!”

It comes after the former glamour model and Carl recently decided to go back to the place where they first met – the Sheesh restaurant in Chigwell.

When the happy couple drove to the celebrity haunt to pick up their takeaway for Katie’s children Harvey, 18, Junior, 15 and Princess, 13, the reality star took to her Instagram story to reflect on how they crossed paths in the first place.


In a short clip, Katie showed a view of their takeaway in the backseat and announced to her fans: “So here’s Carl. The kids all want Sheesh.

We’ve come to Sheesh to get a takeaway but we’ve had some [of ours] first.” She then turned her camera to show her fans a view of the outside area of the restaurant where she and Carl, 32, first laid eyes on each other.

“We were just saying, I remember when Carl walked up there for the first time when I was at the end table when we met,” she added.

Katie went on to gush over her man as she shared: “So cute! And now look at him!” before turning the camera to face the former Love Islander in the driver’s seat.


After Carl gave a cheeky grin as he looked straight into the camera, Katie then said to herself on the video: “So fit,” before he looked out of the car window.

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