Kate Ferdinand replies back by saying she’s hurted whenever people asks if she loves her son more than stepchildren

Kate Ferdinand hits back and says she’s ‘offended’ when questioned if she loves baby son more than stepchildren.

Kate Ferdinand has said she loves her stepchildren and baby boy Cree equally


and gets offended when people question whether she loves her biological son more.

Rio and Ferdinand with their children having fu at the beach

The reality star, who shared a peek at Cree’s stylish crib, engaged with her Instagram followers on Wednesday with a Q&A and was asked if she loves her baby more than her stepchildren, Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and nine year old Tia. A fan asked: “Do you love your own child a lot more than step children?

I fear this will happen to me.” The 29 year old responded: “People ask me this a lot, and I can only speak for myself as everyone is different… “I love all 4 children equally and I will never see any difference between my biological & non biological children.”


The blonde beauty went on to reveal that Rio Ferdinand’s children taught her how to love before she welcomed son Cree. She continued: “Lorenz, Tate & Tia taught me what it feels like to love a child way before I had Cree.

“We worked so hard as a family to get to where we are now and I take huge offence if anyone even suggests I would love Cree more than them.

Rio and Kate Ferdinand

“We have been through A LOT as a family, and that I believe has cemented my love for them so deep that the fact we are not blood is not important.”

Kate was also told she was an inspiration to one of her followers because of how well she has adapted to being a stepmum. The fan gushed: “Not a question but I’m a struggling full time step mam and you should you’re an inspiration to me.”

The television personality wrote back: “I hope you are ok. Being a step mum can be very tough at times. Incase no one is telling you, remember you are doing a great job.

“The highs always outweight the lows, you will get through… You’ve got this,” she kindly expressed.


Kate, who has ruled out having any more children, married Rio, 42, on 27 September 2019 in a beautiful ceremony attended by family and friends. The pair welcomed their first child together on 18 December 2020.

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