Gordon Ramsey stated, he makes his children fly economy whiles while he’ll be in first class to keep them ‘stronger’

Gordon Ramsey reacts to chef’s ‘radioactive’ burger. And he says, he makes his children fly economy while he’s in first class to keep them ‘stronger’ Ramsay has five children with wife Tana Gordon Ramsay says he keeps his children “stronger” by making them fly economy while he goes in first class.


The TV chef has five children aged between 22 and one with wife Tana, with the family splitting their time between their homes in London and Los Angeles.

Gordon Ramsey and his children. Image: Getty Images

But despite Ramsay being one of the richest celebrity chefs in the world, he told The Sun that he tries to consider his kids to be sensible with their money and made them fly “cattle” on international trips. “When it comes to holidays, I told them, ‘Don’t you dare waste that f***ing money flying first class from here to New York.

We all f***ing take off together, we all land together. Think what else [you can] do with money,’” he said.

“When they ask if they can pop up to us for some nice food, we say, ‘No you f***ing can’t’, so now they take their own picnics on board, and they’re absolutely fine in economy.

I mean, what 14-year-old needs to sit in a reclining chair?” Ramsay with his four eldest children Megan, Matilda, Jack, Holly and wife Tana Ramsay added: “It’s so important to Tana and I that they stay seriously grounded and motivated.”

Gordon Ramsey and wife Tana. Image: Getty Images

The Hell’s Kitchen host is the host of new BBC game show Bank Balance, which begins Wednesday (24 February).

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