Olivia Attwood quota remorse over first boob job at age 19 saying ‘they were massive and poorly done’

Olivia Attwood has shared her regrets over her first boob job, admitting she failed to research it properly. Love Island star Olivia had her first boob job in 2010 at the age of 19.

The 29 year old had a second surgery in 2019 when she had her first set of implants removed and replaced with smaller ones.


Olivia honestly opened up on her regrets during a Q&A session on Instagram.

You can sign up at the top of the page. One follower asked her: “Do you regret anything about your boob job? I’m getting my done next month!” [sic] The TV star responded: “Erm well I have had 2 now! The first set were just massive and done poorly – with little to no research – I guess I regret that to an extent.


“And my second set (I have now) are great / but I do have additional scaring from correcting the first set. But was unavoidable. [sic].

As long as you have done your research etc you will be fine, I have always found the recovery very easy too x.” Olivia also gave her fans some ‘post boob job recovery tips’, as she insisted that a person should take time to recover properly from the procedure.

She wrote: “Just to do just that – recover! Don’t be tempted to do too much too soon!! Even if you feel amazing and no pain – just stay resting.

Olivia Attwood

“Honestly I learned the hard way with my first one. And be religious with wearing your post surgery bra / sports bras. It makes a huge difference to your end result!”

It comes after Olivia announced that she and fiancé Bradley Dack have had to slam the brakes on their wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To podcast, Olivia said: “It’s a weird one, isn’t it? Wedding planning is going well, I’ve got an amazing wedding planner, we’re all systems go… all I can really say now is we’re on a pause.


“We’ve done everything we can do to this point, so the wedding planner is on furlough, the venue is shut, we’ve kind of reached a point now where there’s nothing more we can do, it’s kind of a waiting game.

“We’ve been having the conversation sort of the last couple of weeks on and off, just saying do we pull the plug on this and push it to 2022 or do we keep waiting?

“We’ve not made a decision so for me to sit here and say we have would be wrong but I’m as the days go on I’m leaning more and more to pushing it because I don’t think any of us thought we’d be in this situation again now.


“Jesus, you just don’t know. I think even if we could get the wedding over the line in June, with all the legal requirements, it’s like I’m losing the whole build up to it.”

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