Stacey Solomon frankly admits she begins cleaning because she was ‘out of control as teen mum

Stacey Solomon has candidly spoken about her life a teenage mum, while admitting she felt “totally out of control.” The 31 year old Loose Women panellist, who has taken break from her phone after calling out ‘mean people’, made the admission in her new book Tap To Tidy.


“That meant there was me, my brother, my sister, my baby son, Zachary, and my mum all living in one small house, with no space to be messy.”


Stacey has become a huge influence on social media, with a huge following of 4.1 million on Instagram. The mum-of-three, who is engaged to TV star Joe Swash, has become a dab hand at hacks and tips for around the home, and she often shares them with her many followers.

Stacey Solomon excited with baby on lap

As a result, Stacey’s coveted book, Tap To Tidy, has come about, which is being serialised in the Mail. Stacey adds: “As such a young mum, I felt completely out of control and out of my depth. “I had no idea what the hell I was doing; it felt like all my decisions had been made for me and there was nothing I could do about that.”

Stacey is mum to Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight, and Rex, one, and Zachary and Leighton are from previous relationships, while Rex she shares with Joe Swash.

Stacey explains in her book that she threw herself into tidying as it was something she could get a handle on, and that becoming a mum at a young age helped her to become organised with her money.


The X Factor finalist has been taking a break from her phone reenrol, after calling out “mean” people.

Stacey Solomon

Taking to Instagram Stories on Thursday evening, Stacey wrote: “There will always be mean people out there.


Some will be obvious some might even be disguised as friends. “Protect your heart from them all.

And no matter how hard they try to bring you down, obviously or indirectly, keep going.

Keep believing. Keep being. Don’t get dragged into their unhappiness.” “It’s a loose [Loose Women] day tomorrow and then lots of meetings,” she continued.

“And Saturday there is a big Pokémon tournament according to Zachy so I’m going to put my phone in a drawer for a couple of days.


“I hope you have a lovely weekend. Love you lots. See you on Saturday.” It comes after Stacey defiantly hit back at a troll who cruelly called her “ugly and irritating”.

Clapping back at the nasty social media user who told her “no one cares” about her uploads, Stacey shared the horrible message with her 4.1 million followers after discovering it while Rex took a nap.

She explained to her fans: “Rex went down for a surprise nap so I took the opportunity to have a shower to myself and then sit on my bed to dry. “One of my favourite things to do is dry naturally.


Then I thought I’d read your messages while I was drying and this one has cracked me up so so much.”

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