Stephen Bear’s girlfriend Tia McAllister has just got in to slam her pregnancy claims

Stephen Bear’s girlfriend Tia McAllister, 18, slams pregnancy claims Stephen Bear’s 18-year-old girlfriend Tia McAllister has slammed the reality star’s pregnancy hoax.

31-year-old Bear shocked fans yesterday by posting a sonogram photo that hinted he is expecting twins before confirming it had been a prank hours later.


Taking to Instagram after the furore, Bear’s partner Tia said ‘it’s not fair’ that she had been dragged into the scam.

“I don’t condone what’s been posted and I certainly don’t have any control over what other people post that’s their choice!” she wrote.

“I don’t understand why my name has once again been dragged into a situation that is out of my control… it’s not fair.”

Former CelebrityBig Brother contestant Bear announced that he was welcoming twins yesterday. Sharing a sonogram photo featuring twin babies, he wrote: “Wasn’t expecting two. Think it’s time I should I grow up.”

Stephen BBear and his girlfriend Tia McAllister

The same picture was later found to have been taken from Google images after being shared online by an expectant mum two years ago.


Fans branded the star ‘sick’ for the stunt. Bear said fans ‘couldn’t take a joke’ after he was widely criticised for the pregnancy hoax However, Bear laughed off the backlash and said people needed to learn to take a joke.

Sharing a video on his YouTube channel, Bear told the camera: “Happy Monday everyone, or should I say mix it up Monday?” “I thought I’d do a little tweet, just having a laugh.

I got this picture on Google, like a picture of twins.

I thought I’d lighten up everyone’s mood today.

Bear said he was curious to see what the public would think if he did have children “I just feel like you can’t have jokes anymore in this society.


I don’t know if it’s just Twitter, but on YouTube everyone seems a lot more fun.

“I go on Twitter and everyone’s so angry, so miserable, they’re so annoyed I’ve done a tweet pretending to have twins.

Even though I do want twins. I’m curious to see what the public would think if I did have babies.”

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