Charming picture with resemble daughters as Jacqueline Jossa went by without makeup” Shares by her

Jacqueline Jossa ditched the makeup as she smiled alongside her two daughters in an Instagram post, shocking fans with the close resemblance of the trio.

Jacqueline Jossa admits she disliked her name as a child Jacqueline Jossa admits she disliked her name when she was young but says she’s since learned to like it and questions why more girls aren’t named Jacqueline.


Jacqueline Jossa fans can’t believe how much her daughters look like her as she went makeup free in an adorable family picture.

Former EastEnders star Jacqueline proved she is quite the natural beauty, posing for a make-up free selfie on her Instagram account.

On Sunday night the actress posed bare-faced alongside her two daughters, Mia and Ella, opting for some comfortable-looking loungewear – from her collection for In The Style – and her hair thrown up in a messy bun.

Dan Osbourne teases wife Jacqueline Jossa that he’s going to open an Only Fans account Dan Osborne heartbroken after his beloved nan passes away from coronavirus just before her birthday But it wasn’t just the make-up free look that got fans talking, as the 2019 I’m a Celebrity winner looked the spitting image of her two young daughters, whom she shares with husband Dan Osborne.


The trio styled their auburn hair the same way and wore matching wide smiles in the picture which Jacqueline captioned: “Osborne ladies.”

Fans of Jacqueline flooded the comments section to compliment her natural look, with one fan saying how she is “looking fantastic”.

Jacqueline JJossa and husband Dan Osborne have two daughters, while he is also dad to Teddy. Image © Jossa and Dan Instagram.

Jacqueline Jossa and husband Dan Osborne have two daughters, while he is also dad to son Teddy. Image

Others gushed over how “pretty” and “stunning” she was looking, calling the post a “beautiful family picture”.


Shocked by Jacqueline’s close resemblance to her two daughters, one fan called the star’s youngest daughter, Mia, her “image”, with another commenting on how the family have “fab genes”.

Love Island’s Theo Campbell surprises fans as he announces he’s become a dad and unveils newborn son The family seem to be enjoying their time together, spending lockdown in their family home in Kent.

They have been finding ways to still have fun, with husband Dan throwing Jacqueline a surprise birthday party from home complete with an impressive balloon arch.

The popular star seems to be focusing on fitness as she has posted snaps on Instagram of her taking part in live workouts, encouraging others to also prioritise their health.


Jacqueline, who has also been spending plenty of time cuddled up next to her two cockapoos, has been spreading positivity and words of motivation to her fans through her social media platform, recognising the struggle a lot of people are experiencing from the multiple national lockdowns.

Jossa Jacqueline keep showing her sports stuffs Image © Jacqueline Jossa Instagram

Jacqueline Jossa ‘absolutely hated’ her name growing up as it reminded her of a ‘teacher’ name Jacqueline has been praised for her “openness and honesty” on social media about how she has been dealing with the pandemic, as she’s not been afraid to show how she’s struggling with her diet, how tired she’s been or how it can be a struggle to both entertain and home-school her children.


However, the soap star does seem to have got something out of the situation, with her previously saying how she has found lockdown to be a “a real eye-opener”.

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