Yasmina Rossi “The World most Hottest Grandmum” identifies the secret of Her astonished Beauty

At age 63, Yasmina Rossi is considered the sexiest grandmother in the world. A model, who broke into the industry at the age of 45, is very recognized on the international scene. This Corsican woman who lives under the Californian


sun has a dream body, which she reveals through numerous posts on Instagram.

The hottest Grandmum 'Yasmina Rossi'

To maintain this athletic body, the sexagenarian has a particular lifestyle that she’s shared with her fans. First of all, the model makes sure never to consume processed foods.

Every day, Yasmina eats avocado to make sure she has all the vitamins she needs. She also takes the time to start the day with a glass of hot water with lemon juice. At menopause, she decided not to consume alcohol anymore and never drinks sweet drinks. She revealed to the Daily Mail:

She explains how she appreciates her body "my body is nicer and I'm happier"

The best thing for the skin is to eat enough healthy fats on a daily basis and to oxygenate well while exercising. I never eat processed, frozen, microwaved or low-fat foods Yasmina is well known for her glowing, youthful skin


But, in order to look after her wrinkle-free and glowing skin, Yasmina doesn’t turn to any extravagant beauty products. Instead, she uses a very ordinary product that you can probably already have sitting in your kitchen cupboards… Olive oil. The star insists that the secret to her skin lied in rubbing olive oil on her face every day. And, once a week as a special treat she makes a DIY exfoliating mask out of olive oil and fine sugar.


She explained:

Yasmina Rossi revealing her hot skin under the hot sun despite a Grandmum and showing her great taste of fashion style

I come from a very simple background where we used olive oil to cook with. Olive oil was used on our hair and skin –


nothing else. The media makes us believe that we need this or that to have a great skin so that products can be sold. The model, who has never undergone cosmetic surgery and wears makeup very rarely, also revealed that rapeseed oil was the trick to enhancing her white locks. She just rubs the oil through the ends once a day.

We’re definitely adding some of these tips to our routines!

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