Video:Meet the 78 year old grandmother who’s still a “weight-lifter”

Meet the 78-year-old grandmother who can squat double her body weight.

Think lifting heavy weights is only for young people?

Well, according to this 78-year-old powerlifting grandmother who can squat double her body weight, the answer is a big no.


You can find this In a video clip posted to @powerliftinglegends on Instagram, the grandmother in question, Nora Langdon, can be seen squatting a colossal 159kg (350 lbs).

Nora LLangdon "the most strongest grandmother"

The caption reads: ’78 years young – Nora Langdon dunking 159kg/350lbs. Strongest granny right there.

‘Her best squat in competition is 413lbs at 76yo and 189lbs BW – 2.2x Bodyweight.’

What makes Nora even more remarkable is the fact she is a relative newcomer to the sport.

According to Open Powerlifting, Nora, who is from the U.S., has only been competing in powerlifting competitions since 2007.

In the 14 years since she started, Nora has won 20 out of 22 sanctioned meets.


Some her those wins include the 2008 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Masters Powerlifting Championships, the 2012, 2016, and 2018 World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) World Championships, and the 2019 APF Nationals.

She also holds an incredible 19 world records across two different weight classes.

Her best competition lifts are as follows:

Squat: 187.5kg/413.4lb Bench Press: 92.5kg/203.9lb Deadlift: 167.5kg/369.3lb Total: 445kg/981.1lb Like many other athletes, Nora’s powerlifting plans were put on hold in 2020 as meets were cancelled due to the pandemic.


However, she did get the chance to compete early last year at the 2020 American Powerlifting Federation (APF) Michigan State Meet. There she bench-pressed an impressive 72.5kg (159.8lb).

We hope that in 2021 Nora will be back in winning form and providing us with the inspiration we need.

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