PKMB Art and Literature: Forest drawing and poem by Alfred Bast

Alfred Bast Wald- drawing and photography 1994 “Trees are poems that the earth writes in the sky.

We cut them down and turn them into paper in order to document our emptiness, Khalil Gibran, Sand und Schaum, 1926.


Images hold great wealth. They are a symbol of much that people have experienced, suffered and hoped for. A seed speaks of the mystery of life.

A view of a spring landscape says more than a treatise on the return of life forces. Special trees have always fascinated people. Strange beings, grounded, rooted, at the same time upright, facing the sky, like us humans.

UTF-8 Alfred Bast' forest art sighted from the Ellwangen museum of culture. Image © GWebcasters

Our life, our culture without trees? Unthinkable. They are living beings and great transformers. More than 250 years ago, Alexander von Humboldt, as a conclusion to his travels to South and North America and to Russia, stated several times that life on this planet without trees, without the huge forests on the Amazon, on the Congo, in Indonesia would be more than endangered.


The world is an organism in which everything is connected, according to the ingenious researcher and forefather of ecology. The tree is a symbol for the life cycle of man and nature. Alfred Bast, himself living in this cycle, gives nature, trees, and the forest a shape with his drawing hand. (Manfred Saller)

Alfred is a German painter, and was born September 22, 1948 in Schwabisch Gmund. Today Bast commutes between Germany, India, Canada, and the USA.

These amazing literature including its art; sighted fro the Ellwangen Museum of Culture in the state of the Baden-Wurttemberg

UTF-8 PKMB in the Ellwangen museum of culture; in front of, one of the forest arts of Alfred Bast. Image © GWebcasters

by Prince Kwame-medo Baidoo