Prophet Nigel Gaisie says he rejected 1.6 million from an NPP official to do something that is not “good in the sight of God”

Founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigael Gaise has made a shocking revelation about an NPP official whom he claims because of “client confidentiality ” he can’t reveal his name.


In an interview with Kofi TV, the prophet said that he refused a whopping amount of 1.6 million GH cedis which in the old currency amounts to 16 billion Ghana cedis. Nigel Gaise said, he rejected the money because, he could not do what the NPP official demanded of him since it was not a good thing in the sight of God.


Though he didn’made mention of what the NPP official demanded from him, the man of God added that we should disregard any rumours claiming he has received money from former president John Dramani Mahama.


He made it clear that he hasn’t received even a pesewa from the Former president or the NDC political party and thus dissociate himself from those allegations. In his submission, he also stated that, as a man of God he will never receive money from government officials to do evil.


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