US Election 2020 Polls: Trump closes gap Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and pair are head to head in North Carolina

GWebcasters Magazine sighted from the Independent News yesterday that, the US Democrat presidential nominee, Joe Biden, in Delaware on Monday Donald Trump appears to be narrowing Joe Biden’s poll lead in Pennsylvania – a


swing state both campaigns view as an important path to the White House in the 2020 election – while the rivals are currently neck-and-neck in North Carolina.

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos survey out on Monday, the Republican president is four points behind the Democratic challenger in the Coal State, which he won four years ago, with campaign manager Bill Stepien reportedly telling staffers that Trump is the candidate with “momentum” as the race enters its final two weeks.


Still, Biden continues to lead in most nationwide opinion polls, with Florida opening early voting yesterday and recording 350,000 ballots cast as torrential rain hammered down.


New polls shows Biden’s lead narrowing in Pennsylvania Florida early voting opens with 350,000 ballots cast Supreme Court permits three-day extension for Coal State ballots 46 minutes ago New exclusive poll: Trump’s attacks on Dr Fauci are working – with fewer

Americans trusting top scientist

Amid an escalation in Donald Trump’s feud with Anthony Fauci, a new poll finds the president’s


attacks on the top US infectious disease official have worked, John Bennet writes.

What’s Exclusive:

Trump attacks on Dr Fauci are working – with fewer Americans trusting top scientist Exclusive: US president’s targeting of chief scientist over coronavirus is having effect, Independent poll finds

Chris Riotta20 October 2020 18:41 1 hour ago Biden, Trump remain deadlocked in Georgia despite changes in senate race

NYT reporter Nate Cohn noted a change in the senatorial race in Georgia, despite the president and Joe Biden remaining in a deadlock:


Chris Riotta20 October 2020 18:10 1 hour ago Trump issues appeal to Democratic strongholds while attacking his home town

The president, a longtime New Yorker who moved his permanent residency to Florida after securing a victory in the 2016 elections, is once again attacking his old home state while issuing an appeal for votes just weeks ahead of the electi

Chris Riotta20 October 2020 17:20 2 hours ago Daily Guidance for Kamala Harris for Tuesday, October 20

As per the senator’s daily guidance: On Tuesday, October 20, Kamala Harris will participate in a virtual Milwaukee rally to kick off the first day of in-person early voting in Wisconsin, which will be open press. Media interested in attending should RSVP HERE.


In the evening, Senator Harris will join virtual Biden for President finance events, which will be pooled press.

Chris Riotta20 October 2020 17:17 2 hours ago Bernie Sanders warns Joe Biden is at serious risk of losing to Donald Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders is privately expressing concerns about Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to three people with knowledge of the conversations, urging Biden’s team to intensify its focus on pocketbook issues and appeals to liberal voters, Sean Sullivan writes.


Bernie Sanders: Biden at ‘serious risk’ of losing to Trump The senator has reportedly identified several specific changes he’d like to see

Chris Riotta20 October 2020 16:57 3 hours ago ‘If Trump loses, the lame duck session will be our punishment’

For Indy Voices, Hannah Selinger looks at the immediate consequences of a defeat for this president, who will no doubt not take such a scenario well and ensure our lives are as miserable as possible until at least late January 2021.


If Trump loses, the lame duck session will be our punishment The president stood on stage this weekend and encouraged his followers to shout ‘lock her up’ about a governor whose kidnapping attempt was just barely thwarted by the FBI. A battered Trump is a dangerous Trump

Joe Sommerlad20 October 2020 15:54 3 hours ago Everything you need to know about the next presidential debate

Andrew Naughtie and Matt Mathers have the answers to life’s persistent questions. When is the next US presidential debate?


Everything you need to know about the next election debate between Trump and Biden

Joe Sommerlad20 October 2020 15:40 4 hours ago Biden has nine-point lead in latest NYT poll Here’s the latest from The New York Times/Siena College, which again puts the Democratic challenger way ahead of Trump nationally.

As an interesting counterpoint to these consistently favourable polls for Biden, its worth looking at this Statista chart, which illustrates the extent to which many Americans believe they are better off under this president – a majority, and far more so than under Obama, either Bush or Ronald Reagan.


(Statista) The Democrat’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon has been preaching caution and she’s clearly right to do so.

Joe Sommerlad20 October 2020 13:27 5 hours ago AOC planning Twitch stream to get out the vote

New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Monday that she was putting together some rounds of Among Us, a popular multiplayer video game, to livestream on Twitch as a way to get out the vote.

In doing so, the House of Representatives’s resident gamer appears to have found the modern answer to Franklin D Roosevelt’s use of the radio to broadcast “fireside chats” during the Great Depression.

Josh Marcus has more.

AOC planning Twitch stream to get out the vote It’s not the first time the New York congresswoman has mixed gaming and politics


Joe Sommerlad20 October 2020 12:05 6 hours ago How the Democrats could win the White House and the Senate

Joe Biden winning the presidency is speeding toward a foregone conclusion if his expanding polling lead is to be believed. But if Biden has any governing objectives outside of ridding America of Donald Trump, he’ll need his party to win the Senate, too. Today that’s an outcome much more in doubt, according to the major forecasting models.


RealClearPolitics sees a razor thin margin for the Democrats – 51-49 if toss-ups are decided in favour of the current leader in polling, regardless of margin. That’s a net change of four seats from the current 53-47 margin in favour of the Republican Party. And it would hand control of the chamber from Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell to New York’s Chuck Schumer.


But other models are more bullish on the prospects of a Blue Wave. Princeton Election Consortium forecasts a 53-47 edge when the votes are counting for the Democrats. And FiveThirtyEight sees a 74 per cent chance of Democratic control by any margin but on Saturday switched its forecast from 51 blue seats to 52.

Michael Salfino picks up the thread


Biden won’t just win the election but the Senate – here’s how Forecasts are putting the Democrats on course to claim up to 52 seats and a Senate majority.