23 year old Nigerian is creating a digital collection of African stories for children in different dialects.

Dominic Onyekachi, 23, is utilizing the web-based platform Akiddie to feature and share stories with African characters for children.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)When Dominic Onyekachi set out to read his 6-year-old niece a story, he did not anticipate that the simple task would lead him to create a digital collection of African stories.


After going through her mini library, he found that many of her books were foreign and had very little African representation. Onyekachi told CNN that he wanted her to read books that reflect her culture, so he took it upon himself to write stories for her.

Dominic Onyekachi is utilizing the web base platform akiddie to feature and share stories with African characters for children in African dialects

“I wrote a few stories for her and I got my friend to illustrate. She liked it, her friends in school


liked it too. And that’s when I really thought about writing more books and putting them in a place where many more children can access them,” he said.

The 23-year-old Nigerian said he realized the unavailability of children’s books reflecting the continent was a much bigger problem after visiting Balogun market in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial center.