Tyson Fury exchange words with a radio host during live interview after the host classified as him as something he didn’t like

Tyson Fury was grilled live on air in an American radio interview on Wednesday night. The WBC heavyweight champion of the world responded well when former NFL player, now radio host, Keyshawn Johnson prodded at him.

Fury was probably not expecting these questions After initially being asked to rank his top five heavyweights by ESPN Radio, Fury of course placed himself in the number one position.


However, Keyshawn then queried: “What if I told you you wasn’t number one and I put Anthony Joshua ahead of you?”

Fury replied: “On what merit? There’s gotta be a merit surely?”

Johnson’s co-host Jay Williams then chimed in: “He’s just trying to argue with you man, he’s just trying to mess with you.”

Keyshown won the super bowl with the Tempa Bay Buccaneers in 2003

But Keyshawn added: “Just because man. I wanna put him number one, I want you to prove yourself.”

Fury instantly answered: “I don’t have to prove myself, I’m the ‘lineal’ heavyweight champion for the last five years.

“Undefeated, these guys have been beat. There’s only one undefeated champion and he goes by the name of the ‘Gypsy King’.


“There used to be a three-headed monster until the other two monsters got slain by the slayer.

“The heavyweight dragon slayer is me, Tyson Fury.”

Tyson Fury stood firm in his position Not refusing to let the conversation drop, though Keyshawn pushed once more

Fury stood firm in his position Not refusing to let the conversation drop though, Keyshawn pushed once more.

He said: “But Tyson, what if I look at your record and say you fought a bunch of tomato cans, then what?”

Fury concluded: “Listen, you can have your opinion but it means nothing because facts are facts.

“And I’ve beaten the only two undefeated long-reigning champions.

“I’m only the second man in history after Muhammad Ali to beat two champions with more than ten defences under their belt.”


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