BREAKING NEWS! Top Hearts of Oak fan/PRO ‘Shamo Quaye’ is gone forever. Watch the video of his burial and faithful fans mourn him

The Champion club of the Ghanaian soccer “Accra Hearts of Oak” is in sad state by mourning one of its faithful supporters, ‘Shamo Quaye. Some also, choose to called him “Moquaye”, or “Somo”.

Most football supporters in Kumasi, not just his club The Glorious Accra Hearts of Oak fans enjoyed his existence as a soccer fan. The entire people in the region enjoyed his comments and speeches as far as soccer is concerned. He was one of the fantastics and faithful

fans of the club he was supporting and when ever the faithful Accra Hearts of Oak fans in Kumasi talks about the late Kweku Adusei Kanawu, Baba Ashai, and Angola; no one can sidelined Shamo Quaye.

Accra Hearts of fan because the club is on the hearts of soccer fans and they really k know how to support and chear their club. Though an oak tree is the name of the club. Accra Hearts of Oak. That’s how the fans heart is; like the oak tree, and they never say die.


These persons were some of the reasons why foot was foot ball and the PHOBIANS becoming one of the champion soccer fans not only in Ghana but, around the globe. Whiles Kweku Adusei Kanawu was doing all the propaganda works, singing and by motivating his fans, both on radio and the club’s fan bases known as “Chapter(s)”, then you will found Angola also praying on the other side and with his Christianity words of encouragement to the club, Baba Ashai and Shomo too will boomed the football fans in Kumasi with their proverbial speeches.

Most soccer fans in the region loved these great men of Hearts of Oak fans with their wisdom and creativity. Especially, during the late 90’s and the early 2000.

Kanawu, Awudu Phobia and others are already gone. Now Shamo Quaye is also, just gone. Forever.

According to the sources, after watching the first half of the Bayern Munich vs Olympic Lyon match, “he decided to go for his supper before the second half begins. Unfortunately a private car knocked him down at Bohyen, around Samad Hotel in Kumasi yesterday. This incident happened yesterday evening.


Moquaye was a Muslim, and due to that he was giving a peaceful burrier of the Islamic way.

We’re wishing all Accra Hearts of Oak fans around the globe, and his family to be strong, and take heart. May God grant him a peaceful place.

Shomonquaye burial rites


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