Standing Against Messi “Barcelona dressing room”

Standing against Lionel Messi as Fansided sports news reported yesterday. Fansided “Barcelona’s dressing room begins a massive rebellion against Messi”.

Barcelona’s squad has realised the ramifications that the club has been subject to every now and then as a result of Lionel Messi being involved. Barcelona and the Camp Nou is a place of turmoil for the time being.

Bayern Munich defeating the club 8-2 was absolutely unacceptable and there are going to be some massive implications as a result of the same.


The dressing room is not the best place to be as there’s a major rebellion on the cards against Lionel Messi, according to Diario GOL.

The club’s dressing room is absolutely livid with the player and has began leading a rebellion. Messi’s constant involvement in the club’s matters, such as the signing of players, contract renewals and propensity to push for managerial changes has had a major development of distaste among his teammates, who feel they’re always hard done.

Researchers have discovers Lionel Messi has trained himself for his ankles to ‘strain’ all angle freekicks. Image © Getty Images

Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba, who are the Argentinian’s best friends off the field as well, are given constant protection by the player and the club despite being substandard week in and week out, for the last year or so. The striker and left back are never the subject of slack from the media, which is believed to be due to Messi uplifting them.

On the flipside, the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Samuel Umtiti, Antoine Griezmann and Ivan Rakitic are outside Lionel Messi’s umbrella and feel that they’re always the subject of hatred and slander from the outsiders as well as insiders. Despite not being giving chances, their feeling is that Messi always talk against them, and perhaps rightly so.


Gerard Pique and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who were supposedly always backing Messi are also having a sour taste in their mouths now and believe it’s genuinely time that others spoke up in the dressing room. The former has already offered to leave if changes are needed, whereas the latter is wanted by several other sides too.

Do you feel that Messi is a problem at the club in recent times? You can share your thought through comment with us.


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