How to get images for free public domain and CCO-Lincensed pictures to use for website blogs and other commercial purposes without any©royalty issues

7. PICKUP IMAGES: Pickup images offers a huge collection of public domain images. The site can be easily browsed through tags or you can try the search. It also offers free clipart and graphics.

8. SplitShire: SplitShire is a beautiful collection of photographs by Daniel Nanescu released

under CC0 license. You can browse the site by using tags filter, or view images in mosaic view.

9. The British Library: The flickr account of The British Library showcases over a million illustrations, drawings, and works taken from


17th, 18th, and 19th century books. All these works are released under CC0 license and can be used anywhere without restriction.

10. Magdeleine: Magdeleine is a very easy to browse resource for free photographs. It offers both public domain and images that require attribution, so make sure that the image you are downloading is marked under public domain.