The power of wearing Rings

The majestic of men is most a times amazing and beyond the mind. Which normally, leads people to be curious through researching and to find out the mysteries behind nature’s and non-natures.

There’re millions of nature’s that no one knows how they managed to came into an existence until men took a risk and time to discovered them. How and what their genesis may be and how their ends are going to be. All beauties and their ends. There’re also many nature’s man don’t even knows they exists and still existing.

Through researches a new nature is discovered. as recently, about two days ago there was an announcement about a new nature “dinoseaur” alike have been discovered under a sea.


This means there’re still mysteries that’re yet to be discovered. Which are still don’t know about.

Though, there’re mystries that’re yet to be discovered by man; But at this time we’re so quite fortunate that, talking about the mystries and the secretes behind wearing rings, a lot are already been discovered.

The powers, authorities and all kinds of symbolisations of Rings are discovered.


(A) Message

(B) Authority and powers

(C) Protections The Roles that the

Right and the Left Hands Play In Our Daily Lives



2. With the right hand you give energy to the outside world.

3. The right hand is the hand of a physical action.

4. And also, it’s a ‘masculine’ essence


1. You receive energy with.

2. It’s the hand of creativity and process.

3.The left hand is always the thinking hand.

4. As the right hand is described to be the ‘masculine’, that same way the left hand is also known to be the feminine essence.



(i) Give complete skills to other people.

(ii) Extend specific qualities of the universe.


I hope you’ve zoomed the diagram above and reads it very well, for you to know and understand the implications and each role any of the hands and their fingers plays by wearing rings?

Talking about the Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, Jupiter and the Thumb fingers are all represent the authorities, messagees, and the protect that each one of carries.

Taking about a ring that gives or sending messages, always you have to understand that, though there’re giving message, but not just a mere messages than a message tha carries a bond which is not easy to break. Especially talking about a marriage or a wedding ring.

No matter how it is whenever a married woman or man want to commit an adultery they remove their rings. Mean while, the ring is not a god or any kind of spirit. Ask yourself, if there’s no power that has been endured into the rings, then why do they afraid to wear them whiles adultery. This is one powerful a ring could be. Failing to listening or understanding its messages most a times makes you feel a guilty conscience. It tells how powerful a ring is. In relationship.


Authority and powers. Some where the land nineties, I had a very beautiful yellow brass ring designed a crocodile symbol. As at that time I was a very young boy in early teens and don’t know much about rings. All I knew about them is marriage.

When ever I wear this ring there was a man in one particular community near to mine, and this man will smile at me and put his hand on his chest, which I never got him well by doing that until one day he asked me where I got that ring, and I explained to him how I managed to have it. He smiled at me again and asked me to put the ring on my left last tiny finger which the diagram duscribes as Mercury. And after doing that he told me a lot about the ring and how to wear it.

Shamsu ‘the man I’m talking about’ shows to me a similar a similar ring. Just that his was smaller than mine and also in a copper color. After, all what was ringing in my ears was persuade, persuade, persuade. A boy at my age, I realized that, I was about to encounter something I’ve heard, but, I don’t know and understand.

This was my first time to know and understands what really a ring could meaned and could do in man’s life; and it’s not just a marriage stuff but for multi purposes.

You should know and understand the kind of ring you’re wearing and the reasons why you’re wearing.

A wedded couples with their rings. This is the most popular ring and fingers people knows about whenever and immidiately ring name is mentioning.

Which particular hand and finger you’re wearing or putting it to. And why?


1. RingS can avoid one from easily having a relationship and it can also help at the same time, for one to easily have relationship.

2. It can easily affiliate you into a spiritism.

3. It can bounds you and not just men but any other things.

4. It easily tells people the kind of person one may be.

If not taking a well careful and decide to wear rings any how, There’re people that’re going to see you as one of them. And mean while you not even wa to be associated with a such group or thing at all. But that’s a power of Rings. It can locates you to places that you’ved never known before.