The power of wearing Rings

The Akan kings usually wear rings. Rings that are typically made with golds and diamonds. And most of their rings are symbols. Examples: frog, crocodile, porcupines, Starbursts, adinkra symbols etc.


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This is an Akan Chiefs Ring which a lay person from the Akans or Non-Akan Ghanaian may called it “Kawa”. As most well traditional persons and others from Royal families, and other people in the Akan palace calls it ‘mpatea’. Despite this, in the central and the western part of Ghana, most choose to calls it ‘mpateathan to call it ‘kawa’
A Starburst ring. This kind of ring is normally seen on the fingers of kings in the Akans traditional areas alone. You may wonder who’s a king and who’s a chief? Although, the Ghanaian constitution ‘don’t recognised any kingdom than a traditional areas. As it’s everything has shown that the influence of tradition in Ghana is so strong that, it’s not easy and impossible for any political system to over shodow the traditional of its people. The traditional leaders who’re in control of large lands and with sub chiefs are known to be kings and their subs are known to be chiefs

Most and the larger population of the Akan tribes are usually can be found in Ghana. It’s the Akans seat. Though there’re some Akans in Ivory Coast. And they are known as the Nzima’s. The Akan group of the Nzima in Ghana and the Ivory Coast are the same people without any differences than just a colonial boundaries.


Despite the different tongues the Akans can hear from each other most a times and also related to the same family clans without any differences. No matter where the person is coming from.

An Akan King on his stool. As the westerners and other sides of the of world traditionally, kings are recognised to be enthroned and dethroned; in the Akan system of tradition is known to be enstooled and destooled. All the rings has their meanings as it can’t just be put on any of the fingers. The meaning, symbolized of each indicates the part of the finger it should be. Most symbolizes authority of the king, and some also have a spiritual bonds

Most times, when the Akan chiefs are on their stools, you’re not going to find them with only one ring on their fingers, but more than one ‘money’ rings. Money because most of their rings are made of GOLD. And most a times have a spiritual and bonding backgrounds.