Android smart watches are getting big and better

Wear OS: New update for Android

smartwatches announced Wear OS is almost neglected by Google , according to the general attitude towards the operating system for smartwatches.

Google’s ultra mobile operating system for smartwatches continues to lead a shadowy existence. Not much has changed here recently-but that is about to change. With new features and better performance, Wear OS wants to re-attack so that Android smartwatches can finally get better. Image source GIGA-LG W7

Now it seems that Google has also realized that it cannot go on like this. An extensive update should appear in autumn 2020, which should not only bring new features to smartwatches, but should also noticeably improve performance.


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What exactly Google intends was now in an official announcement noted .


But this also shows that the group has not exactly covered itself with fame in terms of development. One would like to take care of “basic functions” first.

Some of these are to be newly created, but also to be polished up. The operation of smartwatches with Wear OS should become easier, more intuitive and more logical, they say. Expect a 20 percent increase in performance through more efficient programming. Apps on the watches should start noticeably faster.

Better interlinking with the accompanying smartphone should also become a reality with the update. In concrete terms, however, Google is not yet revealing much. The pairing process should be faster and smoother in the future. In addition, new chips from Qualcomm are to be supported.


Above all, this includes the manufacturer’s new 4100 series , which was only recently introduced. There should be advantages here, especially with LTE connections.


What you should know before buying a smartwatch! Wear OS: Smartwatch operating system should be fancier Google also wants to work on the design of Wear OS. Graphics and animations are revised and “refreshed”.

Controls should make it clearer what they actually stand for. In addition, there are new timers and a new hand washing mode, which is to be introduced against the background of the corona pandemic.

When exactly Google wants to distribute the update for Wear OS to its users has not been announced. Perhaps the new version will be presented together with Android 11.