300 Nigerians deported back home from the United Kingdom a lesson?

This was how the news went to. When the 300 Nigerians were deported back home from the United Kingdom. Get a time and read the previous and short commentary under it. Which is the main reasons of the throw back of this news. We want you to judged by your self.

The 300 Nigerians deported back home from the United Kingdom a lesson to Africa? Since this is not a new thing but usually happens. Continue with the previous news and conclude with the short commentary.


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300 Nigerians in UK arrive today, set for quarantine The About 300 Nigerians stranded in the United Kingdom will be brought home in a charter flight on Friday (today).


The evacuees will on arrival in Abuja undergo the mandatory 14-day supervised quarantine and tests for COVID-19. They are part of 4,000 Nigerians being evacuated from foreign countries.

The first batch of returnees from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, landed in Lagos on Wednesday. Speaking during a briefing by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja on Thursday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, said the returnees would be isolated in hotels in the Federal Capital Territory.

300 Nigerians on board are waiting to be deported back home from the United Kingdom. image courtesy/Nigerians abroad
300 Nigerians on board waiting to be deported back home from the United Kingdom. Image courtesy/Nigerians abroad

Get updates on the Coronavirus pandemic and more news on the Microsoft News app! He stated, “We are hoping to have another flight tomorrow (today) coming from the UK.

This flight would be coming to Abuja, but they would be landing in Lagos first and then fly to Abuja. “The reasons are these: We have been mindful of the cost to the passengers flying home.

We have tried as much as possible to minimise the costs, appreciating that a lot of them stayed out much longer than they would have needed or wanted to.” He acknowledged that most of the returning citizens preferred isolation in Lagos, but pleaded for


understanding, promising to make arrangements for their return to Lagos after their discharge from quarantine. “We would make arrangements to facilitate the return to Lagos of those who need to be in Lagos rather than Abuja, but the passengers really have to bear with us. Two or three days later, we would have another flight coming into Abuja,” the minister said.

Onyeama explained that the Nigerian High Commission in India was in the process of negotiating with selected airlines to evacuate stranded Nigerians in that country. This has already taking place for almost a week now.

And this throw back is to remember why Africans must stand up without any fears and direct our nations by ourselves than to make like a gambling game so ‘gurus’ to murder and control.

It’s time for the continent to understand that making our nations a safe is the most important. Talking about ‘safe’ cuts accross. And it should be security, judicial and economically safety. Let’s your people to be safe in their own countries.

And the people of the continent shouldn’t jus be sitting down and wait for it but must fight for it until we achieved.

No sense to keep on paying thousands of dollars to travel to other countries, whiles if their citizens get that same amount of money the African citizen a traveling to seek for a greener pasture or refuge with ; will definitely may be a millionaire.

This can’t stop until Africans feel safe in their own continent. This is what the continent must seek and helds towards to, than to continuing blaming the white man. This must end and it’s time for Africa to begins enjoying its land.