Could anyone explain “Safe” Nation? Asked by Asylum seekers when immigrants in the German city of Ellwangen took on the street through demonstration

On Saturday, 1st August, 2020. Became not just a day but a day for the government of Germany to show humanity and understanding through their great love and care concerning immigrants issues. Though it has never been easy talking about dealing with the issues of immigrants and immigration as a whole.

Most times, many indications shows, for the government to understand the immigrants is some how difficult, and also for the immigrants to understand the government’s systems concerning their issues is some how difficult.

But the case here and the major fact is that, it’s due to the immigrants to be patient and pass through the whole necessary process, which some times not easy. That’s why at this time many immigrants who’ve been patient with the system for very long time haved now chosing to be on the street after all their silence, now decided to break this silence through a peaceful demonstration to express their worries to the government of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg and Germany in the city of Ellwangen.


Most of these people are the one’s who the nation declares them to come out from the ‘Safe Nations’. Which means strictly no matter how their cituations were, “in their countries” ; according to some informations, they’re are not just supposed to be granting an asylum, but also not to be allowed to be transfer from the camp, but to be only in the camp without any limited period until they’re deported to their countries or to the very first place they thumb-printed their hands.

Which is popularly known as third countries; which is base on the Dublin immigration law. What we realised was, some of these immigrants have been in the camp alone without moving to anywhere for over two years.

Even some with a critical health conditions which led doctors to signed to plead to the government to support them to get out from the camp. These people are still there. According to the authorities in the camp and the BAMF, that are incharge of immigration in Germany, they’ve refused them to be out from the camp because, to them, they must go with the laws and the system of the state. Which they can’t be blamed.

According to the immigrants or the asylum seekers “We know they’re also working and not just to even protect their their jobs alone but also to protect the laws of the state, and we respect that”. This according to Prince.

He added. “we’re just pleading to them and the authorities to go-by together and help us out of this problem. Problem because you can’t call this a just sitatuation than a big problem. Being in the camp indefinite is a very big problem. I think so”.

Again he continued by explaining how some people suffered on their way before reaching to Germany. According to him, though there’re many countries but this is where they trusted to have a refuge. And haved chosing to be. But it seems it has turned into another thing too. What they’re experiencing now is like they’re still under a persecution.


Fear of deportation is shrinking them and can’t even sleep, due to the police intimidations by the instructions from above. And at the same time these people have been declare as men of no hopes.

It seems this is more than politics we’re witnessing instead of humanity “we’re have been comes a victims of a situation which wasn’t caused by us than a politics of our leaders”. Now nobody want to talk with us or listening to us than to talk about us. Which not going on well. As Prince stated in his speech. “please we will appreciate for the citizens of this wonderful nation, its politicians and other individuals to talk with us than to only talk about us for you to know more about and for to know more about you and this is the only thing that can help both sides to solve problems”.

One of the leaders of an organization that are supportive and really doing great to be always at the back of immigrants and talking with them than talking about them as Prince suggests “Adelheid Cuba” from the Circular friends of Refugee Council also made a speech to plead to the government and its politician to transfer the ‘Safe Nations’ out from the camp.

You could see, not only her but most of the people that were present to support the asylum seekers were all not happy about the suffering of these ‘Safe Nations’ in the camp for all these long periods and were really surprised.

Other German citizens who’re in support of the immigrants from the LEA Ellwangen also showed their concerns in support of the demonstration. Image © GWebcasters images

Appiah from Ghana, Dawuda from Senegal, Sharif from Ghana, Azuma from Ghana and Kirma from Nigeria.

All these gentlemen gave a speech on the basis of the government to come to their aid and not just to give them a transfer but also to give them the opportunity to stay in the country. Though the government may see their various nations as ‘Safe Nations’ as they’ve already declared them.


The truth is that they may see them as they’re referring them to be. But that’s not the case. And after all what’s the meaning of “safe” and is these countries really a safe countries? Especially Ghana and Senegal. Which some don’t even understand why they’re even seeing as ‘Safe Nations’. “It seems it’s just a tag”.

According to others. Just a tag because you can see it clearly that there’re other people from other nations who’re even more safer and independent than Ghana and Senegal. In terms of security, economically and everything.

The ‘Safe Nations’ Asylum seekers from the LEA Ellwangen took on the street through demonstration for their transfer and plead government. Image © GWebcasters Images

They gave some examples that they’ve been witnessing before, that they got transfer out from the camp. Though their assylum may not granted, but still transfered. People from the Countries like Sweden, Georgia, and the most surprisingly USA.

So if such people could be transfered out from the camp then what’s the obstacle here stopping the Ghanaians, Senegalese and other declared nations from being transfer? This is one reason why they’re pleading to the German government to help transfer them after all these long years. They should just have mercy on them.

Again most of them kept on calling for the German and the European politicians including all human and political activist to come into their. Though things are not good to them which they’re not fear to express their disappointment in the system and the bias against them.

As some are thinking, but they still mentioned about the good side too and thanks the not only the German government but also its people. Especially the city they are in and Berthold Weiss “The incharge of immigrants in the city and his entire staff.