Tourist attraction in Ghana that worth a visit

Ghana is regarded as one of the hospitable countries in the world and it’s not different when they host visitors to their tourist site.

You might fancy traveling a lot and would ask if Ghana is worth the time to visit. The answer is yes and it presents to you a variety of tourist attractions from culture, wildlife, beaches, forts, rivers, seas and host of places that bring forth unforgettable memories .

To save you the energy of contemplating on where to visit when you are in or visit Ghana, gwebcasters has compiled a list of places you will not hesitate to be there. Are you the type of person that derives joy fr watching wildlife? If yes then Ghana is a perfect place to offer


you that. Gwebcasters has made a compilation of some wildlife abode which will worth a visit.

How the Ghanaian beach can be. With or without occasions
How busy the Ghanaian beach can be with or without occasions

1. The Mole National park sits on top of my list as it is the country’s largest wild life refuge. The park is located at the Savannah region of Ghana. Till date the park is a home of 93 mamals, 33 reptiles and 344 birds known species. It also contains some tree species like Burkea, Africana, Terminalia, e.t.c. The place serve as a good attraction site for zoologist and botanist which will aid them in their studies. The place is open in 24 hours, everyday in a week.


2. The second on the list for wild life lovers is the Shai hills in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The area is plain by topography and largely made up of savannah covered plains. A mosaic forest covers the 5 separate hills in the reserver while grassland and low dry found in intervening canyoms. The place is occupied by 31 mammals, 13 reptiles and 175 bird known species till date.

Up to this point if you are not the wild life kind of person when on vacation, then I think the beach will do good with you. If you are to spend your vacation and seek the pleasure of comfortability, swimming and resting, then Ghana once again has got you covered. I have shortlisted some beaches in Ghana that can offer you the Pleasure you are seeking for


1. Labadi beach also known as the Labadi pleasure beach which is located at the western edge of Accra is one place you will never regret being there if visited. The beach presents to visitors a fascinating 3km beach front offering a variety of attraction as well as activities. The strong winds of the beach allows the practicing of sporting related activities such as football, volley ball and frisbee. The place boast of itself proper facilities such as changing room, restaurant, snack bars and many more. Also among the package are musicians and performers to keep you entertained on a regular basis.

2. The Ada beach located at the estuary of River Volta is another interesting place to visit if you eye beaches very much. One fascinating thing about the beach is an extensive picturesque sandy coastal beaches which serve as a nesting pace for sea birds. Also endangered species can be found at the scene. Activities at beach includes, skiing, sport fishing, yachting, swimming and other host of them and here, I will end my submission of the beaches and move on to another area.


Do you crave about knowing more about slave trade and the impact it had on Africa? If your answer is yes then Gwebcasters has figured out European Castles and forts in Ghana to give you details of the knowledge you need.

1. The Elmina Castle/St. Georges Castle is a perfect place to give you the history of the slave trade and how it was operated in the country. It is located in the central region of Ghana. Upon visiting this place you will experience the date at which the castle was built and the purpose to serve as well as how it changed as time pass.

2.The OSU castle is my second pick at where you will get to know the history of slave trade and the impact of which is still felt beyond the shores of Africa today. You will experience the reason the fort move from the hands of one European country to the other, and the purpose of it’s construction. Earlier the fort served as the seat of the presidency until recently.

This brings to an end of our tour suggestion and will urge every reader to have a feel of the place suggested when on a vacation or on a free time