Samini Reveals He Is Angry with Stonebwoy.

We thought all is well with Samini and his former protege Stonebwoy until the High Grade Family boss, Samini, yesterday revealed that he is indeed pissed of on a decision Stonebwoy took without informing him.

The Bandana and Batman rivalry has been a long one from the days of “Linda”and “enter the net” to now that both the artist rebrand their stage names as Samini and Shata Wale until recently rised the rivalry between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy.

Samini in a recent video revealed that he feels Stonebwoy has not got his back as he do for Stonebwoy always. Earlier these week Samini tweeted calling for a one versus one battle between


himself and Shatta wale to bring back the memories of their past rivalry only to find out that there is a move already between Stonenwoy and Shatta Wale to clash, organized by the “Asaase” media corporation.

A frame of Samini's tweet
Samini’s tweet

The “My Own” hit maker revealed that he is angry with Stonebwoy for not telling him about such a move like that until he found out from Shatta Wale after his tweet. Samini said he was expecting the call from Stonebwoy rather instead of the SM boss regarding the relationship between them.

Samini, one of the Ghanaian top Dance Hall artists
Samini, one of the Ghanaian top Dance Hall artists.

He also revealed that the rivalry between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale came as a result of the fierce hatred that Wale had for him and thus deemed everything from his camp as a bad one. The “Linda” hit maker also added that he deserve to face Shatta Wale before anyone else in the industry regarding how Wale has tarnished his image all these year’s until he recently revealed on United Showbiz that all he said about him was false and did that for attention.

He see such clash as an opportunity to discipline the SM boss and demand a face to face apology from him.


Ending the video, the High Grade Family flag man, said though he has nothing against Stonebwoy and will be great to see the outcome of the clash but he deemed it as a mismatch for the reason being that Stonebwoy’s generation is different from Shatta Wale. Referencing what happened in 2010 when Stonebwoy won a contest for dancehall king that includes Shatta Wale, he thought Wale shouldn’t have contested because of age wise and still thinks the same now.