“It’s a lie, smh”- Acehood Made a Shocking Revelation Of Sarkodie.

Acehood is an American award winning rapper who about 5 years ago collaborated with Ghana’s very own Sarkodie on a track. Acehood today made a shocking revelation about sarkodie via Twitter on how the two came up with the “new guy” track.

In the picture is Sarkodie sitting behind a pool. And the fact is, he's also one of the finest rappers the African continent has ever encountered.
Sarkodie, A Ghanaian musician, and also one of the finest rappers the African continent has ever encountered

A twitter user posted a video of Sarkodie in an interview at Starr FM trying to suggest that, Acehood was the one who contacted his manager for a collaboration. In the video Sarkodie said the collaboration didn’t went in a way where most African artist will go in for collaborations with these international artist but rather the other way round.

In the picture is a tweet of  a Twitter user  having his say on a video of sarkodie
The tweet of Nana Fapimso

We thought it was all until Acehood find out the tweet and replied to it. According to the rapper what ever that Sarkodie said was a lie and is very disappointed in him for making such a statement but he wish him well. Though he never specified whether Sarkodie was the one who called for the collaboration.

In the frame is Acehood tweet
A screenshot of Acehood tweet

The situation has created a hulabalon all over twitter today. Some are trolling Sarkodie for bragging and lying whiles others are to his defence, claiming it is a past thing and Acehood needn’t had to replied the tweet.