The results of 1000’s of campaigns to boost tourism in GHANA…

Tourism is one thing that most countries boost themselves with, and proud with, when they see different kind of people with different cultures and people of different backgrounds trooping into their countries and not just for nothing or any negativities but to witness what a nation is having and also share their own experiences to their people and others. Also, to learn from whatever they will see.

Tourism brings a lot of things that we nevever thought of witnessing with our own eyes before. Simply, what we see from afar comes near to us.

due to all these, the people that come to tour are not just tourists but whenever they are in a country or every where for a tour, this people spend a lot in the place that they are in for a tour, and also, this tourists getting a  huge income and benefit from them is another thing all together.


The benefits in intourism in this modern days has, and still leading many countries focusing more on tourism, both the developing and the developed nations.

Now adays every nation is trying to get something out from tourism,and talking about some few countries that have benefited a lot from tourism; it seems if we can view things very well we will know that all those countries tried to make their nations a better place for tourism, and are still trying to do something well because in this modern technology of our world today, you cant talk about tourism without developing your country well.

country like Egypt, is one country that have been into this tourism stuff for a very long period of years talking about centuries depending on tourism as an income.

Egypt has everything that is tasteful for every person to talk of, interms of tourism.


Talking about the phyramid buildings, the statues of the Phairoh’s the Nile river and all those wonderful architechtural works there.

Also, a country like Israel, about their patriachs, that are known as the fathers of the Israelites.The Jerusalem temple etc.

Saudi Arabia is also one of  them, and can never sidelined them out of it, interms of tourism. The beautiful Madina mosque and also Mecca, which all about the famous Kaabah. I can say it is one of the busiest tourist attraction centre in the world with their very beautiful religious  culture they exhibit anually.

All these nations are the countries that are having them all, mentioned tourism, for people to visit their countries but did not and, are not relying just on what they’re having. But have tried to do many things to boost their tourism.

They know and believe in what they are having, but yet still, they’re planing to make their nations to maintain their popularity as a well known tourist attraction nations.

The right procrdures this well known tourist attraction countries are passing, is to developed their nations well interms of peace and infrastructures.


interms of peace because they haved noticing that, they can’t make their nations unsafe whiles looking forward, for tourists to visit their nations.

It is not, and also can not be possible tommake a nation unsafe and still expecting tourists to boom into that nation. Because of that, this countries have made their security system very strong and it is necessary too. For the protections of their people, also the tourists visiting their nations. Including their properties must be protected. All is to make their countries to be safe for both their citizens and others.

Talking about infrastructures, it is the main point of tourism that many countries don’t focus on, but only relying on something that they have ‘natures’ and thinking that will be enough for people to pay a visit, but that’s not the case.

This is what Ghana and many nations within the African continent lacks. They prefer to invest in the sector alone without preparing to invest in their nations development. Entirely.

Some times a country like Ghana, even choose to appoint three or more ministers for the sector of tourism alone at the same time in same office. Choosing tourism ambassadors, it’s good, with the idea, that one may do with a perfect concept.

But the truth is, you can’t just throwing money in the air, to build the tourism sector without a better transportation systems and infrastructures, which I mean, make the nation a very well developed one.

In this modern world tourism is not all about any ancient things specific thing that a nation may have, though it matters most, but in this modern world we like what the eyes sees. Which is the beauty of nations and places, that’s why talking about tourism it supposed to be the development of your nation first with the best infrastructures.


Countries like the United Arab Emirates and its capital, Abu Dhabi with its Dubai city is now booming  well, depnds on the the way they have built their nation and its cities .

Also the Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, Qatar etc. Are now doing great in the tourism race due to the development of their nations with the modern technology and due to their nations well development.

What I’ve realised, talking about tourism, is that, just invest in your nation entirely without any particular sector, but all sectors. When you’re able to do this, then you may be be one of the best tourist nations in the world. You prepare to do this or you should forget about it.

Abu Dhabi-Dubai

Not just that we’re bringing to you this news for you to understand what tourism is, but to realised that since we want to do well in tourism, then we have to build our nations well and developed it with hard work, and with confidence.

Though a country like Ghana is having a lot to boost on talking about tourism, but all those things won’t be enough untill the country is well developed and can be compare to any other developed nation. It seems some nations are lacking this, “development.

And this have been the resaults of the 1000’s of campaign to boost Ghanas tourism, to them it has failed.


All those that they can boost of, won’t be the Kwahu mountains or the Akuapem ridge. there’re many mountains and ridges in this world but according to my experience, when ask from the people who’ve been to some developed and well known tourist attraction nations for a very time, you’ll know from them that, it’s about how to developed all this places to be world class cities .

For the ridge lands and its communities to become more attractive, its surroundings must be developed and developed well.

Some dont want to even hear that we’re not financially strong to invest in those things, taking about to get near or copetit with the ‘giants’ nations. The problem is, because we’re misusing more as a nation than to make use of. This is one major problem hurting Ghana and other countries.

we should know that whenever we talk about tourism it is about development. We can’t talk about tourism without talking about development. All those countries that are there now, are there because they planed well. It is not about  long planing but it is all about actions and the attitude that you move towards to your dreams to achieved your goals.

“When you dreamed, you plan and when you planed you act to achieve; this is what we are looking foward to see in Ghana and other part of the continent, to start planing well with actions and begin to achieve them.

A wonderful family from Germany spotted enjoying their tour on the highest mountain in West Africa. "Mountain Afadjato" in Ghana.
A wonderful family from Germany spotted enjoying their tour on the highest mountain in West Africa. “Mountain Afadjato” in Ghana. Image © Mr. Amponsah and Family

This is from the public. By some Ghanians in the Baden Wurttemberg state in Germany.

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