Fortunately or unfortunately, start up businesses boom during lockdown

Startup businesses boom during lockdown 70 new businesses have opened in Guernsey during lockdown, around one a day.

During this pandamic ‘crown’ Coronavirus (COVID-19), around 70 new businesses have opened in Guernsey during lockdown. Fortunately or unfortunately. Digital Greenhouse – which helps local entrepreneurs – says its start-up courses have been consistently booked up. Source from the

They say tough times have prompted some fresh thinking – and prompted many islanders to reassess their work-life balance. Natalie Robins set up a business during lockdown Credit: ITV Channel TV Natalie Robins could not find a job that would work around being a full time mum so in May she set up a bakery from her St Martins home.

Natalie went on a family walk where she was given the inspiration by her daughter.

Islanders urged to ‘support local’ in Guernsey We went on a family walk and saw some hedge veg boxes and my daughter said why don’t you do that for your cakes so before I knew it we put together Dolly the Trolly and had some sausage rolls, cupcakes, loaf cakes and they sold out straight away so it’s been a real buzz.

In total 1,600 people have visited the Digital Greenhouse Startup Hub website for advice so far.

We’ve had a huge range of businesses, anything from people looking at developing small businesses producing food through to fintech solutions, app development for different problems they want to solve both locally and internationally.


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