Tupac Amaru Shakur, a Hip pop Legend And A Symbol of Resistance.

Tupac Amaru Shakur better known by his stage names as 2pac or Makeveli in his short spine of hip-pop career left a mark that could be felt and touched by all. Arguably Tupac goes down as the greatest MC’s to ever spit on the mic.

Tupac’s fame during his life and after death was bound up in the catalogue of real time violence that mirrored the gangsta ethos of his music. He was a complete embodiment of black rebellion against a systematic society in America and his influence could be compared to the likes of Martin King Luther and Malcom X as he preaches black survival in his music. He is a true symbol of resistance and a Black activist.

In the picture is Tupac Amaru Shakur Smiling
Tupac Amaru Shakur

In his musical career Tupac released eleven studio albums of which all of them were platinums, 44 singles and sold over 75 million records worldwide, with the bulk of them coming after his death.

His album “Me against the world” is one of his classics albums that never get old with top hits like “Dear Mama”, “Me against the world”, “So many years”.

Tupac’s musical presence was felt much after his death as many got to realise how deep and great his lyrics was. In his music, Tupac puts feelings, emotions, life struggles and love message across to be digested by his fans.

There is a whole lot of mythology that surrounds his death as people still believe he is alive.

Tupac influenced a whole generation by single handedly transforming “Thug” , something that everyone frowned upon to one embraced by all.

Tupac gave a meaning to “Thug life” by symbolizing it to one that strive in systematic societies and hustlers.

As a great lyricist that he was, his message of “thugship” was transcended well enough to his fans. Many believed that if the world had personalities like Tupac it would have been a better place for all.

In late 1997, the University of California, Berkeley, offered the course “History 98: Poetry and History of Tupac Shakur,” a course led by a student.

Yet in April 2003, Harvard University cosponsored the symposium “All Eyez on Me: Tupac Shakur and the Search for the Modern Folk Hero.

The papers presented cover his ranging influence from entertainment to sociology. Calling him a “Thug Nigga Intellectual,” an “organic intellectual.

Tupac left behind many iconic moments that will be remembered for many years.He was charged for shooting two off duty police officers with a claim of assaulting a black woman.

He is also the only Hip-pop artist who’s music reached number one whiles behind bars.

His entry on a wheel chair to perform on a stage after being shot 5 times is one unforgettable moment we will always remember him for.

Tupac’s stage craft is one thing commendable about him.

He always transcends to the fans with his music and filled the hype that surrounds him Tupac musical career is tied with violence but his lyrics and how he pours his heart and feelings in his music will be remarkable forever in the hip-pop industry and the world.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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