WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston” has just revealed a secret.

Ghanaian born American wrestler, Kofi Kingston” remembered and was at his root in Ghana with his mum and colleagues from the United States of America (USA)

Kofi Kingston was thrown out from the ring and feeling the pain.

The WWE champion Kofi Kingston visit to Ghana was a great excitement. According to him.

He was on Nana Aba Animoah’s tv show, on GhOne TV. A program named “the state of affairs. The current world champion kept on highlighting many things about his life. He told the hostess about his determination and focus, for eleven years in wrestling, and how he was able to battling for this tittle for the past eleven years. According to him, he mentioned again, “it took me eleven good years before coming to this far”.

Close to Aba and Kofi's interview, Nana Aba Anamoah took the opportunity to feel the WWE world tittle belt
Close to the Aba and Kofi’s interview. Nana Aba Anamoah took the opportunity to feel the WWE world tittle belt.

According to Kofi when he told his mum that he want to becomes a wrestler, it was beyond the mind that his mum didn’t tried to have any bad issues with him. Though invested a lot in him in his education for him to be graduated to perused what he’s offering during his education. His mum alway, rather advices him to be focus and try to mingle his new vision and his education together, so that he can succeed well in future. This shows how a good woman is always and could be precious for every entire household to haved.

Through the interview he revealed his support to women participation in sports, and he encouraged them to be in sports whenever they want to, and also encouraged authorities and many more to support women sports. Close to the end of the show where Kofi Kingston stated to the hostess and her thousands of viewers that becoming a great wrestler, apart from training hard and focusing; one needs to be a very good communicator (talkative) as we know the communication directors and programme organisers are good at.

Doing this gives you more fans and people can also pay for listening to you by making them happy.

This is one secret and the other one was also revealed at the Manhyia Palace.

WWE world champion “Kofi, also had the opportunity to visit the Asante hene Otumfuor Nana Osei Tutu ll in the Manhyia Palace, where he was introduced by one of the sub chiefs in the Ashanti, which is the chief of his home town called Atwima-Takyiman. Kofi Kingston traditionally, is from there because that’s her mums home town.

The Ashanti’s which are part of the Akans, and not just that but also one of the strong pillars and the root of the Akans tribe are from their mother’s side of family. Which makes their system a typical matrilineal one, which is not too common in most part of the world. Though the Akans believes that the father is the one having the strong influence on their family; and even he’s the one that his soul covers and protects the entire family, especially on their blood children. But the fact is that, this doesn’t serve their children to come from their side of family. But are only rather from their mother’s side as children. This is the main reason why Kofi Kingston is from the Atwima-Tachiman rather than Ejisu. All in the Ashanti traditional area under the Ashanti Kingdom currently ruling by Otumfuor Nana Osei Tutu ll.

World champion of the WWE, Kofi Kingston in Manhyia with his tittle in front of otumfuor Osei Tutu ll.

During the introduction by the Chief that introduced Kofi to the Manhyia Palace revealed to the Palace and the public another secrets about Kofi.

  1. When Kofi removed his clothes, there’s a symbols known by the Ashanti’s and the entire Akans as Akofena’ which is like the sword in some part of the world.
  2. Among the Akans, the Akofena is use to sworn in whenever there is a new ruler, and they also dance with it after their swearing in. They dance with it by identifying authority that a king in any of the Akan traditional areas has. The Akofena tatoo which is at Kofi Kingston’s back means authority. As we know that most of the wrestlers that Kofi Kingston is competing with are having tattoos on their bodies which are all symbols and may definitely have meanings and implications or other explanations and reasons.
  3. He always pour libation before he fights. In the Akan tradition, the way to communicate with God is to pour libation. Although, Kofi Kingston was in Ghana when he was just a child, but that’s what he does and no one knows who taught him all this. The chief whose name wasn’t mentioned in the documentary but in the Akan tradition, he can be strictly and straight forward called Nana. His introductions convinced that Kofi was mostly not raised and trained in Ghana, though, but understand and respect his culture well. If that’s the case then the rewards goes to his both parents. To me.

The three secrets revealed by Kofi Kingston and the chief that introduced him to the Manhyia Palace.

  1. According to Kofi himself on Nana Aba Animoah’s programme. It’s nothing extra ordinary, but it’s all about knowing how to talk. ‘Talketive’.
  2. The Akofena tatoo at Kofi Kingston’s back says all. “Athority. Also understands his culture. By ‘Nana’, the chief that introduced him to the Manhyia Palace.
  3. Pouring of libation. By Nana

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