The Queen of England “Elizabeth ll” could be forced to abdicate her throne?

the Queen of England “Elizabeth II” could be forced to abdicate her throne? This is a great question. Amid speculation that the monarch will do what’s best for the royal monarchy.

Comparing images of Queen Elizabeth ll and prince Philip’s early and old days with their great smiles, always together.

The Queen became the longest-reigning British Monarch in 2015 as she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Victoria. But after a turbulent start to the year and the coronavirus pandemic, speculation around whether she will step down has grown.

The Queen has been self-isolating at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip, 99, and there is no clear sign she will be returning to royal duties.

Speaking on Channel 5 documentary, ‘The Queen: Duty before Family?’ the narrator said: “The Queen’s life has been one long rebuttal to the abdication crisis.

Again and again, she’s sacrificed those closest to her for what she feels is in the best interests of the monarchy.

“Now in her mid-90s, will she sit back and enjoy her final years or keep on going as the full-time Queen of her nation.”

Dr Anne Whitelock, a royal historian, said: “There is much speculation that the Queen might one day have to abdicate.

“I think there is no chance of the Queen abdicating. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are currently self-isolating at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth ll in her early days. She is with her crown with a cute smiling.
Her Royal Majesty, “Queen Elizabeth ll in her early days.

The narrator added: “The story of Elizabeth II is a story of great sacrifice. “A woman who dedicated herself from a very young age to duty regardless of the consequences to her family and those around her.”

Dr Whitelock noted: “The Queen would be very sensitive to the very personal costs that these crisis’ have caused.

“It is not clear when the Queen will return to royal duties “She simply has a sense of duty and needing to ultimately trump personal difficulty and personal emotion.” A description of one image Getty Images gave to her current situation.

It comes as the Queen readies herself to make a 500-mile excursion this summer as the UK begins to steadily reopen after the imposed lockdown in March.

The monarch will be travelling more than 500 miles from Windsor Castle to Balmoral Castle in Scottish Highlands to spend her summer there as she traditionally does every year.

It is unclear if she will be travelling alone or if the Duke of Edinburgh will join her. Story according to the “Daily Express”.

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