Inside the Multi-Million dollar Mansion of Drake.

Aubrey Drake Graham is A Grammy winning and Hip-Pop recording artist from Toronto, Canada with many glories and accolades to mark his successful career but the ‘Toolsie Slide’ hit maker ever luxurious home is something else worth time to talk about.

The multi-platinum recording artistes’ mega mansion is an eye -popping dome in Bridle path which reflects his successful career and financial power. According to a recent publication cover magazine of Architecture Digest, the mansion measures 50,000 square feet and blessed with amenities such as an NBA regulations size indoor basketball court crowned by 21-square foot pyramidical skylight.

Drake's multi Dollar mansion NBA COURT
Drake’s NBA regulation-sized court

The mansion also posses a toilet that plays sothing music to relax ,some glowing lights and an automatically lifted lid. The dome boast itself of a splendid suspended cantilevered block marble stairs surrounded by a shabby Rafauli chandeliers that gives it a colourful atmosphere.

Drake's beautiful cantilevered block me le stairs displaying.
Drake’s cantilevered block me le stairs surrounded by chandeliers

Another epical amenity in the house is a two story-master closest with a diamond tufted shearling and a collection of sneakers and Hermes Birkin Bags. The walls that concieves the house according to architectural Digest is a marvel of old world craft – manship,constructed of limestone, bronze exotic woods and other noble materials.

Drake’s Multi Dollar mansion with his closet inside

Built in the extravagant house also is a world-class recording studio which Drake likens it to “eccentric 1970’s studio mixed with Annabel’s in London”.

Finally let’s head to Drake’s favourite spot in the house which is a 32000 square foot master bedroom suite with an additional 1100 feet of covered terraces. “The bed let you float and the shower let you escape and gather your thought and the closet makes you want to talk to yourself while you’re getting dressed” said Drake.

The Canadian rapper in his own opinion feels that “the house shows that I have true faith in myself to take on this task when I was 27 and see it through. Now 33, meaning it took him six years to lift that magnificent abode.”I also think that the house says that I will forever remain solid I’m the place I was born.” Drake added.

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