Malcolm little renowned as Malcom X was born in Omaha, Nebraska to Louise Norton little and Earl little in May 19, 1925. His father was an open supporter of Marcis “Mosiah” Garvey, then a Black nationalist leader. This promoted death threats from Black legion, a white supremacist organization (ku klux klan) to the little’s family. In the course of time, in 1929, little’s family home in Michigan was Burned to the ground suspected to be a deliberate action done by the Black Legion though the police ruled the incident as an accident. The death of Earl little two years later after the incident forced Malcom X to move to Boston eventually. In 1946 he was arrested with a friend called Malcolm “shoty” Jarvis and convicted for bulgary charges. Malcolm was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was paroled after seven years.


Malcolm X political life was tied with his conversion from Christianity to Islam. Malc spent a greater time of his life seeking self-enlightenment through the study of the the teachings of the Nation’s of Islam (NOI) leader Elijah Mohammed. The NOI among other goals fought for a state of their own, separate from one inhahabited by the white people. They were of the taught that, white society actively work to keep Africa Americans from empowering themselves to achieve political, economic and social success. An intrigued Malcolm X became a staunch follower of NOI, denounced the name little, believing his true lienage was lost when his ancestors was forced into slavery and took a last name of a variable X. Malcolm bacame famous in the country and was credited for increase the membership from 500 to 30000 in 1963. Malcolm grew more political,though the movement was hostile to political involvement. Technically Malcom was amplifying the ideas and thoughts of the movement. Finally in 1963 malc broke out of the Nations of Islam. To be able to partake in the civil rights movement, Malclom came to conclusion that he needed to separate politics and religion.


Although the philosophies of of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X was in contradiction but the latter believed that, they were all working toward the same goal and that given the state of race relation, both will likely meet a fatal end. Malcolm called on Africa Americans to be proud of their heritage and to set up strong communities. He promoted the establishment of a separate state for African Americans in which they could solely rely on themselves and provide solution to their problems when the need arises. Malcolm had a strong believe that he was not an American, he is part of the twenty two million black people who are victim of Americanism , democracy, nothing but disguised hypocrisy. In his famous “Ballot or Bullet” speech in 1964, Cleveland he made it clear that he do not see any American dream he sees Nightmares.

Though Malcolm’ s approach was radical but he believed violence was not the only answer to demand for their by all “means possible” deserved rights, but violence was issued to justify self defense.

This indicates that had Malcolm lived long his political Journey will be a force to reckon with. He died at a speaking engagement in Audubon Ballroom by persons believed to be members of the Nations of Islam in 1965 at the age of 39. Malcolm’s contribution to radical politics was a mark of a revolution. Next for the Next Hero