Our daily actions towards arts, and also about art of HORSES in many part of the world.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Culture of art is one important and <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://gwebcasters.com/2018/10/23/worshipping-of-death/&quot; target="_blank">mysterious</a> thing that has ever happened in mankind lives and we always witneses them in our daily lives. Though.Culture of art is one important and mysterious thing that has ever happened in mankind lives and we always witneses them in our daily lives. Though.

There’s one major thing I’ve noticed out of our daily actions towards art and culture, which to me, may be the answers of what men are thought to be “mysterious”. But not. When you focus on art very, will definitely hear from it, telling you a history and your I dentity.


After focusing on them very well, you are going to know and understand that, art is culture, culture is art, and they’re our history, and our history is our identity.

Another problem is, we always see these arts but we don’t pay attention to them, so we don’t understand them. And if we do we will get the solution of a lot of answers we’re looking for.

GWebcasters on the 1st of september 2018 went out for a tour to check on arts and the implications or kind of influence it has on our cuture and traditions.

I was in the wurttemberg state in germany, and what  i withnessed was very popular wthin the various cities in this state.

Talking about art , it was amazing and fantastic, talking about a great architechtural works, I can tell you that, the region is one of the best. This people understand the culture of art very well, as the Asians do so.


I said this because i heard a lot about Europe and it was like, apart from the church, the Eropean doesn’t have any culture  again; but this is not the case. The truth is, There’re many cultures accross the world and they are uncounterble, and some times there may be similarities in the various cultures between two different groups.

this groups could be different tribes in the same place or could also be different tribes from different places, and there’re possibilities that may happened to be the same tribes but may come from different places without even from same countries.


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AS a person who have lived most of my life in culture and traditions; though did not studied culture, ”formally” or in the schooling system of educational form, but i studied a lot;  being and living with different kind of people from a different backgrounds  with a different cultures.


I really know what culture is and also how it can be. How difficult it is for one to understand another persons culture. Lving with such people from a different cultural backgrounds. This helped me a lot to understand the european culture today.

It is not that the europeans don’t have culture or missing out their culture. Not that, as anyone may think if. I’m not talking for them, NO. and I can’t, because no one teaches others how to practices their own cuture. What i realised about the Europeans culture today is that, they sidlined somethings or custums in their culture which is common in many societies, not the Eropeans alone.

Whenever such an amendment occurs, you don’t say one has forgotten his or her values or pride that thier ancestors left them with; but as it is, generations can change at anytime. As to compare, the shoes or the kind of cloothes that your parents worn ‘yesteryears’ is not what you’re wearing today.


You can choose to wear it but why didn’t you? you did not because of having your own reasons.

That is how culture can be, it is our pride and heritage but not all custums in it can always be helpful or will be there forever. What we should know is that, culture is changeable, depends on the group of people practicing it.

They can  decide where, when and how they want to go by their culture and this may be the decision of the population, and there’s nothing one can do to stop it whiles the entire people decides. That’s what the Eropeans haved chosen to go by, their own way of modernised their values and no one can change this, since it is what their people desires, there’s nothing to do than to respect each and individual decisions. 


It will be very important not to teach people how to performed their own cultures.

We don’t asked people how to perform their culture, but the reality, ‘truth’ and the fact is that a culture could be amended. It is very import for a culture to be amended, and also, very popular to see amendments in cultures; this is like a rule of law or a constitution  that can be amend at anytime.

In Europe  you can see that, their art of culture is existing very well. talking about their architecture, drama, music (operah), etc. are still functioning very well and haved decorated their entire nations with arts.


As their ancestors did, and they haved even make it more beautiful and superb with modern technological ideologies, so you see how much amendment of culture can help?

Talking about towers, statues, lights and many more. I think many will, quickly focus on Europe today when talking about such.

I would like to share why you can most a-times find some architechtural arts, statues of horses in mos part in Europe; especially in the cities in the state of the Baden wurttemberg in Germany, which it capital is Stuttgard.

You will find many wonderful art works which including architectural works like statues of   horses in the Wurttemberg state in Deutchland.


And which roles does this horses play in the art of culture in this cities? I tried to find out from others, but it seems some don’t even know the reason why those horses are there. Others too explained to me well, why they are there.

beauty of culture
A horse standing tall with a also, a wolf under it in the city of Ellwangen-Germany. The symbolisations of each and everything that we see around us and its reasons.

Talking about horses, what we should realise is that, centuries ago, there wasn’t any armour cars or jet fighters but this horses were there, and were using for those purposes. Not for a transportation alone but also for wars.

Those horses were seen as wariors and they lead wars and when victory comes, they also get their praises, and hails by their masters, by showing appreciations to their kean contest of success, because this horses can die in a war as their master could, they can be wounded as their masters could also be, and they breed as any human do so.


That’s why upto date there are most part of  the world still hails and recognise the horses of their fore-fathers and even remember their names, and build their statues as they do to their fore-fathers in their histories and even pays homages to them because they believe that this horses also contributed a lot to their nations successes.

So you haved now see there’s nothing for nothing?

when you come to the deutcthland in the wurttemberg state, you will find many of these, that are. lovely arts, many art works in ellwangen, Heidelberg Karlsruhe and in Badden-baden talking about horses.

this is just the begining there a lot to deliver to you. You can now watch our documentries on this topic, and also read more on GWebcasters.

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