Microsoft want people to use its new Edge browser

Through an automatic update applied to all Windows users, the Edge software is installed and pinned immediately to desktops and taskbars.

Moreover, it takes over the entire screen on startup and asks users if they want to migrate their preferences from Chrome and then bugging them when they launch the rival browser, asking them to reconsider.

Even if people don’t object to the Edge browser jumping right into the forefront of their computing window, it’s not like you can just remove it again afterwards.

New Microsoft Edge
The first thing Bill Gates did with his money after making over $350 million from Microsoft’s IPO The new Microsoft Edge is uninstalled after installing and according to The Daily Mail people are unhappy with it.

With this update, it’s now impossible to uninstall Edge from your computer.

Naturally, not everyone is happy about this level of software suggestion on the part of Microsoft.

If you’re unsure exactly what Edge is, it’s the successor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Rather than using Microsoft’s own tech, Edge adopts the Google-made Chromium platform.

The company says it’s more streamlined and faster and hopes it will claw back some of the browser market share that Google overwhelmingly owns.

Thing is, while Edge is a much better product that IE, we’d wager that forcing it on users isn’t the right way to go.

There are, of course, other browser choices you can choose from besides Chrome and Edge – such as Opera, Firefox or Apple’s Safari.

And none of them are forced on you when you decide to power up your laptop.


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