Watch the video; only fools will bash me but the wise will asked questions – Prohet Badu kobi.

The Leader and founder of Glorious Wave Church International. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has described those who were insulting him over his comments about Ashanti, Fanti and Ewe women as fools.

In a latest video cited online by the Prophet stated on Sunday morning that he is beyond social media bashing, and that nothing destroys human beings than an inherited attitude.

“I cannot be bashed”. “I am beyond bashing and spiritual men are different.” The Prophet stated.

According to prophet Kobi the bible says “they hear but they don’t understand.” So he has promise to explain extensively on Monday or this coming Sunday.

Prophet Badu Kobi also stated that, “Those who are wise started asking me [him] questions but those who are fools started the bashing.”

Watch the video through this link;

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi in an early video had stated that women who hail from the Ashanti region are greedy, materialistic, disrespectful and money-conscious all other things being equal.

According to him, “Ashanti’s, their eyes are red (greedy), looking for property, looking for things to carry back [home]. Their mother is at the corner, influencing everything. I have done my research…. If my daughter is going to marry, I will tell her, if you want to go and be driven back, go and behave like an Ashanti girl. The Ashanti men are there, I am telling you, Ashanti women don’t respect Ashanti men, especially when you are broke, (they will tell you). You, you, who are you? She will dress you from the top because the mother is always talking with her. I am telling you the truth, I am telling you the truth ooo!”

“Fanti women are foolish sometimes and Ewes too are doormats. But for Ashanti women, no!” the Prophet said in his sermon to his congregation.

He then advised possible suitors not to import problems for themselves forever by marrying women from the Ashanti region.

This, he said is according to a research he had conducted and the results prove to be so.