“I wish I was from Nigeria”- Casper Nyovest eulogises the Nigerian media.

Nigerian music industry is arguably one of the best industry an artist will ever dream of being part. The way the Nigerians adore their local music content and the unity among the artist is what have left their mark in the world.

It is believed that the radio stations, the telivision and the whole media promotes 90% of the local music rather than foreign contents and this has brought their success in the world as most Nigerians are recognise globally.

This has made the South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest to come out and applaud the Nigerian Music industry and wished he could be a Nigerian.

Casper Nyovest hailed the Nigerian radio and televisions stations for promoting 90% of nigerian artist songs on their channel unlike other countries. Not only the South African rapper has eulogies the Nigerian music industry but also big artist from Ghana such as Sarkodie and others have also commended them and wish their counties media follow the foot steps o f the Nigerian media.

Check the tweet below;