The hidden truth about Burna Boys’ album logo and it also tells a story.

The Nigerian fast rising star Burna Boy has just released his much anticipated Africa giant Album.

Burna Boy

Since it’s release many people has applauded for such a master piece because it doesn’t only sound good as a proper music but also tells a story about the African Land especially, Nigeria.

However many will wonder why he chose the Album’s logo to be a currency with some artworks on it and nothing else about the African Land that will tell a proper story of Africa just as the album.

The hidden truth is that the currency note is not just anything but also gives a proper understanding of Africa and himself. The artworks on the currency note metaphoric especially and depicts some philosophical leaders of the African Land and certain aspects of life in the African continent.

The artwork is inspired by the first Nigeria’s Ten naira note on which Alvan Ikoku one of Nigeria’s educationist and a free primary activist, who has an immortalised belief in the right to pursue a better life.

Also the “BB 7” [Burna Boy 7] seen on the currency note depicts his 7th body of work. The serial style numbers also represents bis date of birth.The Image of two men and a baby metaphors his grandfather, father , and himself and this potray generational transition.The gold coins also suggest a single Africa currency which is belief to be the strongest in the world.

Burna Boys image also potray the true Africa Giant whose values is a combination of some great African leaders like Nelson Mandela, Muamar Gaddafi, Kwame Nkrumah and many others.


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