Sco pa tu manna is bigger than I’ll ever be – “American” Wale replies a fan who says he mentioning it will keep it going.

The sco pa tu manna term ain’t fading away very soon as the term has really reached international.

Ghanaians came across this word after their very on Pataapa got featured on a song titled “Daavi ne ba”. In the lyrics of the song the one corner hit maker was saying words which doesn’t exit in this space and one of the dominant one in the song is the Sco pa tu manna.

However nowadays in the social media world especially tweeter, people post pictures of celebrities and caption it sco pa tu manna for others to say what they thinks about the person.

Not too long ago Nigerians,South Africans,Tanzanians were claiming ownership of the term. Shockingly today, sighted on a tweet where “American” Wale tried to mention the term but couldn’t got the word clearly.
He was wondering why the term is traveling though he doesn’t understand.

In a comment made by a fan telling him his mention of the term will also make it trend, Wale replied him that the term is bigger than him and he mentioning it isn’t doing much.

See the tweet below.

Wale’s tweet


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