Even as superstars we cannot get popular enough – Stonebwoy.

Stonebwoy on the 4th of July in DC granted an interview with concert daily in a talk about his latest single shuga and the Afro beat and Reggae Dancehall genre.

Talking about Jamaica he mentioned about how he craves reggae music knowing that it originates from the motherland [Africa]. He also touched on the fact that 2019 is a year marking the 400 years of slavery and how they are all rallying behind the year of return.

Also he was asked, if the afrobeat and reggae dancehall genre has get the recognition it deserves though it’s popular worldwide . Stonebwoy answering to the question put to him, he said; “to be very honest I always say, so far so good. One thing I believe is that even as superstars we cannot get popular enough.”

From his submission he thinks that the genre will not be known by anybody in “this space” and that is why they always put in works to get to the higher heights and even with that they are not assured with a 100% popularity.

Concluding the interview, the Ghanaian supper star applauded all the consumers of his works and the genre as whole being the media or the various individual.