Funny face dances to Flowking stones latest hit to tease her ex wife.

Funny face as commonly known in the Ghanaian movie industry is a multiple award winning comedian who has a very great sense of humour.

Funny Face was in the news a year ago prior to the allegations made by his wife concerning his strength in bed. The ex wife of Funny Face acussed him of being a “two minutes” man and also being unable to satisfy her on bed. Unfortunately they would have to end the marriage because of this problem.

However Funny Face got married to another woman and has been able to bring forth to twins with her very recently. He was all over the social media scene where he revealed that the twins were going to be named after Emmanuel Adebayor the Togolese international footballer and his own mum for their unflinching support when he was in difficulties to the extent of committing suicide. sigted Funny Face jamming happily to flowking stones latest hit “Obi p3” meaning someone likes. the joy and smiles on his face in inclusion with the songs lyrics speaks all, that funny face want to send message to his ex wife to tell her, if she didn’t love him someone else was ready to give her all to him.

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