Samini throw shades at John dumelo

Samini is noted as a great musician for his powerful reggae and dancehall music in the industry. From a tweet sighted by on his handle it seems he don’t agree why John Dumelo should throw shade to support the ongoing efforts to stop the parliamentarians from building a new chamber #dropthatchamber.

Samini on the right and John dumelo on the left.

John dumelo was of the view that the $200m for the financing of the proposed parliamentary chamber can build 10 factories to employ 10,000 youths though necessay but wrong timing.

However samini replying to his tweets wrote that “That’s a good point the same way one V8 cost can do wonders in my village”. He requested for John dumelo to explain if he actually took a National asset (V8 ) and sprayed it to make it his own or is just a lie.

Dumelo’s tweet and Samini’s re tweeet with a comment.

About some years ago there were rumours circulating that Dumelo has been gifted a V8 which is a national asset and sprayed it in a different colour to make it his own.