Medical investigation should be undertaken immediately -National Security Council Secretariat.

The national security council on the first of July has released statement denying any form of toture and manhandling as ealier alleged by Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri one of the two suspects from modern Ghana who is alleged to engaged in “cyber crime”.

Emmanuel Ajafor Abugri

In the press release the secretariat declared their stance that, they “takes a very serious view of these claims and wishes to states in no uncertain terms, that these allegations are false”.

According to the secretariat they see this (allegations of manhandling and toture ) as “a deliberate attempt by the suspect to discredit the investigation and case” leveled against him to have a cheap score.

Moreover in the press release the secretariat categorically stated that ,”the suspect during questioning was never subjected to any form of forced physical contact”.

The secretariat emphasised in the released statement that, to clear any doubt ,the police have requested to the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) that a medical examination will present the truth in the matter.