Memphis depays love for the cape coast school of deaf and blind is very deep.

About a week ago, the Ghanaian-Netherland born and a player Memphis Depay visited Ghana. During his visit he was spotted with Bisa k dei, a Ghanaian highlife singer at the Cape coast school for the deaf and blind.At there they were spotted having fun with the children.

Memphis depay having fun time with the children.

The player after his visit , tweeted a day ago expressing how wonderful and energizing the children of the Cape coast school for deaf and blind are. His tweet was indeed a heart warming one as he revealed how the state of the children filled him with pure joy and Inspiration.Memphis on his tweeter handle tweeted an I quote,

The children of Cape deaf, in Ghana fill me with pure happiness. Seeing the way they live with such positive energy is an inspiration and I was blessed to sit in a sign language class with them and learn more

Memphis tweets

This a glimpse of Memphis Depay tweet.