Why Ghana, UN, and the World organisations should find out and congratulate the person that leaked video of the Nigerian professor planing with others to dis-stabilised Ghana.

Not too long that a video of a Nigerian professor that lectures in one of the universities in Ghana leaked.

‘professor’ Augustin Mohamba

The ‘professor’ who mentioned his name as Augustin Mohamba. I don’t know whether got his native name well. In the video, the man in his black attire standing in front of his people was trying to pollute his people to form a rebellion against Ghana, and this was not in Nigeria but rather happened in Ghana ; the hand that is feeding them.

According to this ‘professor’ he don’t understand the reason Nigerian name is been mentioning. “that’s how they have painted us” said by the professor ;but it wasn’t clear in the video whether his problem is Ghana as a nation or the entire world that are painting his country, Nigeria that way. But at this point I can say though his point wasn’t clear but his problem is, why is it that a tinny nation like Ghana can do ‘so well’ and have respect in front of his African brothers and other side of the world? If you think that’s not the case then listening to this:

“A Nigerian is not ready to pay just 12, 000 naira but are paying for about 10, 000 dollars to the Ghanaian universities” which to me, for him to questioning his people on this, is not a problem to me. This is my problem and this is where the good citizens of Ghana must come in and not to politicised and not to leave it to any politicaster to take advantage on the good people of Ghana. This ‘professor’ used a very harsh word to deceived his people by calling the Ghanaian education inferior. Mr. Augustin lowered the institution that he’s lecturing into a very low and in an harsh manner as it’s already mentioned. “the kind of education that is giving there is inferior” and carried on by figuring some Universities name out as an inferior mean while he did not known that it doesn’t makes him too, a superior than inferior.


After the ‘professor’ superior/inferior speech he went ahead in the leaked video by giving out a strategy that to me they can set up a great conflict between the two brothers, Ghana and Nigeria and even beyond that. Also to cause fear and panic within the African continent due to his selfish interest and ignorant.

He went ahead by saying, “We’re not taking advantage of our population”. I can tell you that taking advantage of their population is not a bad deal but should be how to concentrate and developed their own nation with, effectiveness and faithfulness, not to destroyed one’s nation without focusing, whiles making your nation a failed state. But this time the “professor” is lecturing how to bring someone’s nation down by continue to watch his to be a messed. He don’t care whether it will be a mess-up all he is thinking about is to see other nations destruction. Is that a typical African mentality right? Here is it :

Given speech of the ‘professor’ Augustin who was trying to set up a conflict between Ghana and Nigeria by affiliating the media as a ‘false industry’ according to his statement. They can help them to achieve their rebel acts to see the destruction of Ghana.


  1. Let’s use the media “Let me tell you this. There is nothing truth in the media industry, I have been part in this industry before and I know what I’m talking about. The truth people know is all about, what have been published, said on television and radio” said by the ‘professor’ Augustin Mohamba. It tells all, why Africa is perishing and why Nigeria within the continent is also suffering whiles having everything that it takes for a nation to survived. How would it be for a nation to succeed when having such persons?
  2. Let’s ask our government and other government officials to sponsor and deployed the media from Nigeria to Ghana to broadcast documentaries which are false and showed to the world for the destruction of Ghana than to deployed journalists to investigate and eliminate the criminal activities in Nigeria his nations development. This shows how visionles some ‘educational elites’ could bee in the continent. I wish the entire world can watch this video to understand him well. To showed to the world means to fooled the world as he means. To me.
  3. Deployed them to prisons for them to pretend they want to interview the Nigerian prisoners and the prison authorities will definitely refused them and they capture something.
  4. Not only in prisons according to him, but in schools, business centers, hospitals etc. Until they’re done with Ghana.

What I want to know and any other individual would like, is that; whether the world media is a force industry as this man is claiming to be one of your own before is saying?

Should the media industry be in threat or it shouldn’t.

Should the world continue to count on the media today?

What should the world media do to this man? Let’s answering them in our bedrooms and daily places.

Thank God for revealing this plan not to Ghana alone but to our beloved Nigerian brothers and the world. Someone is trying to wage a conflict due to a nations refusing to tolerate on criminals, rapist, murderers, and many bad deeds; not that is failing to tolerate on strangers.

There is no civilised nation that such thing is going to be tolerating on the bad and the wicked mentality that this man, ‘professor’ Augustin has shown.


I think the person that revealed this video should be awarded by the government of Ghana, Nigeria and the world governing bodies. I don’t know whether the person is a Ghanaian or a Nigerian, what I know and can say is the nations, Ghana and Nigeria appreciates his or effort for showing a true statesmanship and his or her name is going to be remembered one day, for being a reason of the continents reigning peace.

The relationship and the love between Ghana and Nigeria including all migrants with the country will continue to grow and there is no need for us to allowed persons like ‘professor’ Augustin Mohamba to be in our midst as an obstacle. This shouldn’t mean the both countries should tolerate on criminal activities from each other side, if that’s the case then, there shouldn’t be any friendship.

No one from the other side should make this issue like the Ghanaians are frustrating Nigerians, NO. What the both side should understand is that ‘ the country is rather arresting the criminal and law offended migrants including the offended Ghanaians. And this is why the’professor’ and others who are trying to disturbed the peace of the countries are not going to be escorted freely. Even the Ghanaian citizens and authorities will be doing that aren’t going to be escorted freely.

Let’s all Ghanaians be securities and watch our country without leaving it to any individual. We should do this without fear or panic. Let’s set a great and excellent legacy for the future generation. This is what a concerned citizen who’s half Ghanaian half Nigerian, known as Yaw Ebele concluded to us after watching the video.


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