Jennifer Lopez predicted daughter Emme was ‘ready’ to partake her onstage at concert: That’s a ‘blood line’

'It in the blood' Emme sang with her mum.

Jannifer Lopez was on stage with her daughter Emme.

ET’s Nancy O’Dell was exclusively with the superstar on Saturday, just one day after Emme joined Lopez on stage at the opening night of her It’s My Party Tour at the Forum in Los Angeles. The mother-daughter duo performed a stunning rendition of “Limitless,” leaving the audience shocked by the 11-year-old’s impressive vocals.

“She has it in her blood. She has the lion heart,” Lopez said, but noted that she was the one nervous for the performance, not her mini-me daughter.

“I’m just looking at her and I’m just hoping and praying it all goes well,” she recalled of her emotions on stage. “I got choked up and she was fine.”

As Lopez noted, “there’s not a performer alive before you go on stage where you don’t feel the nerves.” “It’s nervous energy, it’s adrenaline. It’s all kinds of stuff, so [Emme] was appropriately nervous. She wasn’t over nervous where I felt like, ‘No, I can’t send my kid out there,'” she explained. “She was just like, ready.”

There to calm Lopez’s nerves was her fiance, Alex Rodriguez. “He sent me this big beautiful thing of flowers that look like a cake. It was great,” she gushed of her man. “He’s my biggest supporter, my biggest fan. He’s awesome and there’s nobody I feel is more proud than he is, so that is a good feeling.”

Rodriguez and his daughters, Ella and Natasha, as well as Emme and her twin brother, Max, will be joining Lopez off and on during her tour, which will wrap in the U.S. on Rodriguez’s birthday.

Janni Lo preparing for birthday tour a cross America

You can’t doubt! Janni Lo still getting younger and beautiful.

“Well my [50th] birthday is the 24th [of July]. This is the 27th. We close the tour in Miami the 25th, 26th and 27th, so I have off on my birthday but I have to do three shows in a row in Miami, and the last one is on his birthday,” Lopez shared. “We’ll probably have a party that night, then I head off to Europe.”

“On my birthday, I probably would be like, ‘Let me lay here with my feet up.’ That would be the best birthday present before I have to kill three shows in Miami,” she joked.

Lopez also killed her opening weekend at The Forum. “I can’t believe, first of all, that we opened in L.A. It’s not really normal that you open in L.A. You’ll open maybe in the smaller cities, you get things right, and then you come here. But we opened in L.A., we had no room for error,” she said. “Two sold out shows, no room for error. We were like, ‘Alright, it’s do or die, now or never, let’s hit it.’ And it was amazing. And the crowds were amazing.”

“Your fans become such a big part of your life,” marveled Lopez, who got the crowd going with her opening song, “Medicine.” “These people came out here and they all paid. It’s not like they’re just looking you up on Instagram and its all free — no. They come here and they support you and they’re with you every step of the way. I just needed them to know that I feel that in my life and I am really grateful.”

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