A straight Warning to Matteo Salvini by the Italian PM Giuseppe Conte

Giuseppe Conte wants a “clear, unequivocal and rapid answer” from the two men.

Italy’s prime minister has threatened to resign unless his two deputies stop fighting each other, a move that shortens the odds on new elections being held in September.

In a hastily called press conference, Giuseppe Conte appealed to Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio to keep the peace. He singled out Mr Salvini for particular criticism, accusing the leader of the anti-migrant League party of interfering with delicate EU budget negotiations while chasing “likes” on Facebook to boost his popularity.

“I am asking both these political forces to make a choice and tell me if they still want to honour the government’s obligations,” he said. If they did not, he said, “I will simply end my mandate.”

League and Mr Di Maio’s Five Star movement…

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